Steven Stamkos

Born: February 7, 1990, Ontario, Canada | Successful For: NHL hockey player | Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

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Steven Stamkos’ 3 Keys To NHL Success:

Steven Stamkos Had A Craving And A Strong Heart’s Desire For Playing Hockey:

Introduced to the game by his father at just age 2, Stamkos would become fascinated with hockey. “I’d probably say my dad. He was the one who really got me involved in the game at a young age. He had a love and passion for the game and he was the one who got me out there on skates when I was around two-and-a-half years old by taking me public skating. And ever since then I fell in love with the game and he’s been supporting me ever since.” And when he couldn’t play outside he would use the dining room as a mini indoor rink where eventually they had to replace all the baseboards. Even though hockey was his major passion, he was an overall athletic kid who loved being active in general. Whether it was playing baseball, soccer, golf or lacrosse, he just enjoyed playing. Stamkos also had a strong belief in his abilities (a key component of massive success), to the point where he believes he would have been playing professional baseball if he hadn’t chosen hockey as his game. In addition to enjoying playing, he also liked watching sports, particularly the Buffalo Bills and the Raptors, while his favourite film was also “Remember the Titans”. A passionate athlete, he is also known for warming up before games via kicking a soccer ball around. When you have a deep urge for something, you WILL excel.

Stamkos Practised To Absolute Precision And Perfection:

Steven’s father instilled a good work ethic in his son. Scoring was never priority, but working hard every single shift and making his line mates better was the goal. He quickly learned that scoring does not define a great game; however, he learned to master his strength, shooting. He initially had a difficulty getting the puck off the ice, so his father got him into a shooting school which he attended 2 times a week. Steven Stamkos looks like a natural sniper today, but it is the result of putting in hours of practice. He would also master taking one-timers off of bad passes. He claims “Before and after practices to this day I’m still practising my one-timer.” On synthetic ice he would learn the proper dynamics of making the puck go exactly where he wanted. In fact, he was known for taking on average 500 shots at a time and by age 9 it was becoming a lethal weapon. Initially, when the Stammer entered the league, he had a slow start and he looked a bit nervous and lost. In the first few months, he would often get less than 10 minutes of ice time. “I didn’t start my career off as fast as I’d like. But all you can ask for at that age is a chance to prove what you can do.” Again, being a work horse to always improve, it wasn’t long before he became fixated on his training routines. “I came into the League at 18-years-old. I didn’t have a lot of experience in training the right way. I probably came into the league at 175 pounds; now I’m 190 … It’s all about training the right way and training for my needs.”

Stamkos Found His Inspirations And Allowed His Role Models To Guide Him:

One of the great gifts one can have is surrounding yourself with constant motivation and inspiration; it simply fuels you to become better. Stamkos was no exception. His father played a huge role, and he was a very passionate hockey fan and player himself. Stamkos learned a ton about the sport from him. When he played in his junior years, Steven would move in with a local family, the Shaws. Andrew Shaw, who was a scout for the Columbus Blue Jackets, would guide and critique his game. This was a huge key to success. Growing up, Stamkos idolized Joe Sakic and became obsessed with modeling his snapper. He also looked up to the way Sakic carried himself on and off the ice. His General Manager, Steve Yzerman has become another huge personal mentor in his game. He claims I think, in the modern era, Joe Sakic and Steve Yzerman are two guys I really tried to pattern my game after and really look up to. They’re both great on and off the ice, great leaders.” Entering the NHL can be a tough place for a number one rookie draft pick, but being surrounded with mentors helped significantly. Teammate Martin St. Louis was a key component in the development of Stammer. And in the off season, retired legend Gary Roberts enabled him to train extremely hard, while giving him many mental pointers.    

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“For the most part I’m pretty relaxed. I like to go out there, kick the soccer ball around, not really trying to focus on anything in particular. Feel loose. Then once the game starts, you go into a separate mindset.”

– Quote by Steven Stamkos

Interesting Fact:

For Stamkos, it didn’t come easy, he was heavily motivated by humble beginnings and failures too. Being a smaller skinny kid playing with players 2 or 3 years older on average who were usually much bigger. During a tournament in Edmonton, his team lost in double OT which apparently the thought of that moment still irks him to this day. “These adverse moments make me stronger.” Stamkos worked hard, got good grades in school and landed his first job selling steaks at the St. Lawrence Market in Markham. To help get noticed, one of his junior teams created a promotional campaign of Steven’s shootout goal in the skills contest which earned hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube.


“My goal was to get as drafted as high as possible. I accomplished my goal.” 

 –  Quote by Steven Stamkos


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