Kevin O’Leary: Road to Riches


Often labelled rude, arrogant and brash, Kevin O’leary, tells the world where he came from and how he became an investment guru and earned a seat on the Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank shows. In this episode, he talks about his first and last job ever and how he was fired. He visits his old house and replays some old memories from his childhood and adolescents. And as much frustration as his quirky remarks bring us, one thing’s forsure, there is no bullshit with O’leary. He’s honest and he says it like it is… Either way, this road to riches video from the Dragon’s Den show itself really gives us a glimpse of his upbringing, mindset and why he does deserve what he’s earned. He’s got the beliefs and self worth down pat, check it out…


“Don’t cry about money, it never cries about you.” – Kevin O’Leary


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