Common Traits Of Forbes’ Billionaire’s

Forbes Billionaires

Forbes Magazine recently launched 2013′s Top Billionaires list a couple of days ago, and these remarkable people, once again continue to inspire the world with the wealth they’ve amassed. In 2013 the years list included the typical such as Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates, with a couple of new surprises. Of the top 20 listed, we analyzed the top 5 to see which characteristics they have in common and how you can relate. To analyze their characteristics, we first must list the top 5 people in the position of power, which is as follows:

1. Carlos Slim Helu (Founder of TelMex) – $73 Billion

  1. Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft)  – $67 Billion

3. Amancio Ortega (Co-Founder of Intidex) – $57 Billion

  1. Warren Buffett (CEO of Berkshire Hathaway) – $53.3 Billion

5. Larry Ellison (Co-Founder of Oracle Corp.) – $43 Billion

So, that’s the list of the Top 5 Billionaires according to Forbes, now lets see what these 5 men have in common:


Starting Young Is Where The Elite Begin:

Carlos Slim Helu – Was taught basic business practices at the young age of 12 and now owns various different businesses.

Bill Gates – Got his first touch of computer coding in Grade 8 and now owns a computer software company.

Amancio Ortega – Worked as a shophand for a local t-shirt maker in his early teens and now owns large fashion companies such as Zara.

Warren Buffett– At age 11 he bought his first shares and is now the most successful investor of our time.

Larry Ellison – Started Oracle (now a billion dollar company) in his 20′s as a project for Ampex Corporation.

These men had the right perspective from the get-go, while the average young person is focused on instant pleasures, these men were focused on long-term gains and therefore saw opportunities where most people wouldn’t.


Self-Made Is More Sustainable:

This one may go hand in hand with the one before, but it seems as though being a self-made billionaire puts you in the elite top 5 status. All of these billionaires are self-made and didn’t inherit any riches. We can conclude that it must be easier to make billions when you’ve made the first billion yourself.


Giving Back Is A Priority:

Carlos Slim Helu – Is noted for the Worlds Biggest Give donating $4 billion to his charity foundation.

Bill Gates – Owns the Gates Foundation and has also pledged with many other billionaires to give away half of their wealth.

Amancio Ortega – Has donated over 20 million euros to Spanish relief charity, and many others. Little is known about the rest of Amancio’s donations because he does not like to be in the media.

Warren Buffett – Is also involved in the Giving Pledge to give away half his wealth. He also pledged that more than 80% of what he gives will go to Bill Gates’ foundation.

Larry Ellison – Another in the Giving Pledge to donate half his money.  Up to 2004, Ellison had donated $151,092,103 according to Forbes.

Obviously, these billionaires believe in the value of giving, which is contradictory to the popular belief that “rich people are greedy.” In fact, the opposite may hold true.


Retirement Is Out Of The Question:

Some of these billionaires are at the age where people could consider them as “old geezers” but the fact of the matter is that these men are STILL WORKING. This may not sound shocking, but when you come to think of it, would you still work if you had over $1 billion and were over 70 years old? I’m guessing no. One assumption can be made by this fact, which is that whether it’s passion, ambition, or dedication to some higher calling, these men don’t seem to stop and have no plans on stopping in the near future.

These Billionaires have each accumulated their wealth in different ways, but some of their characteristics are common. In conclusion no one will really be able to know for sure what it takes to hit the top 5 most wealthiest people in the world, but we hope these facts give you a better picture of what’s common in a life of a billionaire.