Stephen Curry: Success Is No Accident


“Every time I rise up, I have confidence that I’m going to make it.” – Stephen Curry


One of the elite point guards, Stephen Curry, could one day go down in the history books as the best shooter of all time. In this clip of him prior to his NBA stardom, we find out why he’s so accurate and so precise.

A unique video that entails his work habits at a camp with Kobe. At that time, Stephen Curry was the least recognized name. However, his work ethic, preparation, and dedication to be great make him unstoppable. He was the first one out on the floor practicing his shot over and over again. Upon finishing his workouts, he would not leave the court during practices until he nailed 5 swishes in a row.



#MoralOfTheStory: Train, prepare, and practice YOUR talents until the craft is mastered. And then grow some more, because excellence is not a destination.


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