Director Chandran Rutnam’s Inspiration

Chandran Rutnam pursues dream

Famous film-maker Chandran Rutnam has worked with the likes of  Steven Spielberg, John Boorman and George Lucas. Although, he had lived in Hollywood for nearly 38 years, he was notorious for directing in Sri Lanka where he now resides and it’s the same place where it all began…

He was just a school kid when the famous Sir David Lean directed movies in his native Sri Lanka and rented his parents house while he was in the area shooting a film called The Bridge On The River Kwai. In fact, the entire film crew stayed with them. This period of time served as a gigantic inspiration in his life. Chandran Rutnam was so fired up he decided then and there to drop out of school and pursue his dreams of a career in the film industry. He eloped to London and then eventually moved to the United States. He would attend the film school at the University of Southern California. Eventually, following his intuitive nudges paid off and he was working in the Hollywood studios. He would get his breakthrough when he convinced director John Derek of Tarzan The Ape-man to record in Sri Lanka as opposed to Africa.

#MoralOfTheStory: Follow your gut feelings and take a leap of faith, the trust will follow. Our intuitive nudges some how know exactly what is right for us. Believe and follow them, they will lead you to your destiny. 


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