Tony Hawk

Born: May 12, 1968, California, US | Successful For: Skateboarder | Zodiac Sign: Taurus

tony hawk

Tony Hawk Bio: 3 Keys to Success:

Tony Hawk Channelled His Energy Into A Hobby And Then Turned It Into A Profession:

Tony Hawk was known to be a highly energetic kid, and his parents even described him as “hyperactive.” As a kid he was known to have very high standards, and often highly upset when not being able to do something. In fact, Hawk was tested as a kid and the results were that he had an IQ of 144 and dubbed as “gifted” by a psychologist. However, he was constantly frustrated and unfocused. Skateboarding was the solution, skateboarding allowed him to focus all of his distraught energy into one outlet that allowed him flourish. Hawk stated that the skateboard gave him a sense of “freedom.” “I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport.”

Tony Hawk Started From The Bottom And Worked His Way To The Top, Mastering His Craft:

Tony Hawk started skateboarding at the age of 9 after his brother gave him a blue fiberglass skateboard, however when he first stepped on the board he wasn’t all of a sudden, a born to be, instant star, in fact, quite the opposite, he had to learn the very mechanics of skateboarding, he first had to learn “how to turn.”  He was known to practice around 6 hours daily. After 3 years of practicing rigorously, he began to gain massive attention, and at 12 years old, was winning competitions. “I won’t quit skating until I am physically unable.”

Tony Hawk Was Resilient And Was Not Afraid To Start Over When Times Got Rough:

At the age of 17, Tony Hawk was already the king of skateboarding, and was making more money than his teachers from sponsorship royalties, traveling the world for competitions, and this even allowed him to buy his own house. However, that all came crumbling down when the sport saw a major decrease in demand in 1991. Tony Hawk however, was not afraid to start over. At this point, Hawk was literally living on $5 a day. Even though the future seemed sketchy, Hawk didn’t stop doing what he loved, skateboarding. For 2 years skateboarding did not rebound, but Hawk was still in love with the sport and decided to create his own company “Birdhouse Projects.” This was a major risk, and at first made no money, however, just as spontaneous as the skateboarding industry died, the sport bounced back and Hawk’s company sky-rocketed, now one of the most successful skateboard companies in the world.


“I believe that people should take pride in what they do, even if it is scorned or misunderstood by the public at large.”

–  Quote by Tony Hawk



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