Gretchen Bleiler

Born: April 10, 1981, Ohio, United States | Successful For: Snowboarder | Zodiac Sign: Aries

Gretchen Bleiler success story

3 Inner Keys to Gretchen Bleiler’s Success:

Gretchen Bleiler Adjusted Her perspective:

When Gretchen’s parent divorced when she was 10, she ended up moving with her mother to Aspen in Colorado. The negative moment served to be a positive outcome, the way she looked at it. The unfortunate circumstance between her parents changed her world in another aspect. It brought her out west from Ohio, where winter sports were much bigger than back home in Ohio. And in one of her Physical Education classes, the students were allowed to use half of their Wednesday’s to go up on the resort, where she was introduced and immediately hooked to snowboarding. “Snowboarding was this new thing and it was so exciting and free and more about style and individuality.”

Gretchen Bleiler  Did things That Made Her Intrinsically Happy:

Focusing on money and materialistic things will never drive you to real success, as a matter of fact, it might even make you miserable. Genuine joy comes from finding things your passionate about, and pursuing those. Gretchen Bleiler is great proof of organic success, ever since she was 11 she has been extremely passionate about snowboarding. She would quickly become drawn to the sport and boarded all the time. Eventually she would skip out on going to college, dreaming of making the Olympics.

After an amazing year of results, she was invited to the team and would become the first female to perfect an inverted backside 540 called ‘the Crippler’. In later years and having grown a muscle for doing things she loved, Gretchen took on more interests and got into fashion where she posed for an issue of FHM  and contributed to designing sunglasses for Oakley. She also practices yoga, surfs, hikes and road bikes. She passionately involves herself with organizations that align with her core beliefs such as Protect Our Winters, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and working on her own product called ALEX bottles.

Gretchen Bleiler Surround Herself With People With Similar Fire And Desire:

Gretchen’s 3 older brother’s influenced her heavily for the solo sport because they were also into snowboarding themselves. She admits “I always looked up to them, that’s the reason I started snowboarding. I wanted to be like them.” She would make many friends through the sport and when she eventually went to Italy for the Olympics, she would come in a close second behind her friend Hannah Teter. Speaking of her admiration, she has positively stated

“She has changed so much about the women’s side of the sport. Hannah is always going all out, and she’s made everyone raise their games.” Gretchen Bleiler understands the essentials of being close knit with the snowboarding community. “We’re all good friends. It’s a very supportive atmosphere.” She even married a fellow boarder too, Chris Hotell, and has also partnered with a board gear company called K2. “The type of people that snowboarding attracted really fascinated me and I was drawn to the lifestyle.”

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“When I’m having fun, that’s when things seem to go right. It’s easy to get into a place where you’re nervous and want to win and you feel yourself holding onto that. I’ve been competing for 10 years, so I know those signs when I feel like I’m holding on with my claws. What will happen will happen. I might as well have fun and not stress about it.”

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