Surf’s Up: Moral Of The Story

This is clip is just one side of the Surf’s Up movie and it’s many angles. It was created as a kid’s film, however it shockingly was a great movie with many inspiring messages. Perhaps it was much better suited for adults – to learn something valuable. It nailed so many internal chords about so many issues most of us face in our lives regarding success, failure, dreams, adversities, doing what you love and the rat race world we live in. It also shows us what can happen when a kid has someone who believes in them and what influence our role models can make. We won’t dig too far into it because, even though it’s old, we highly recommend you watch it, if you haven’t already. It’s got some very profoundly compelling elements that awaken the spirit and make you want to break free from the limits society bears on us.


#MoralOfTheStory: The winner of the race of life, is by default, the one who enjoyed the course and did not compete with everyone else, regardless of the win-lose mantra. 



“I don’t understand why everybody have to be so judgmental. I understand why mom’s judgmental. I think it’s ’cause she cares, *partially*. Think it’s also partially ’cause, everyone else is lookin’ at her like, “Hey, Cody’s just a bum.” “Cody’s this,” “Cody’s that,” “Cody’s this.”


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