Jacob Hoggard And His $150 Canadian Idol Bet

Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard came out to expose himself to the world back in 2004 on Canadian Idol. He’s never been one to shy away and sometimes he could be extremely flamboyant in his way, because he’s an artist first, plus he really couldn’t care about what others think of him.

When Hedley originally formed a band, a few members had bet against their lead singer. They actually bet $150 that he wouldn’t make the top 3.

Two of the judges initially  gave him the ‘no’. thankfully the other 2 liked his style and talents, and gave him the shot to go to Toronto. Eventually, he was knocked out in 3rd place, but he certainly won the real life competition. When he returned from the competition, he split from his band, who clearly didn’t believe in him and he started another one with the same name but new members. The rest is history.


Here’s the other performance on the show where he sang David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’. Pretty impressive – and his singing, dancing and theatrical abilities were something else.

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