Michael Dell Made More Than His Teacher

Michael dell inspiring fact

While attending high school, Michael Dell, being a keener at saving and making money, had earned about $18,000 in one year by investing his money in stocks. His government economics teacher was particularly upset with him because during an in class assignment to fill out tax returns, she was rather shocked with what his figures showed saying  “Well this can’t be right. You made more money than I did!” Michael Dell was born for business and although we won’t say it was a breeze through the park for him, but let’s just say it wasn’t an uphill battle neither. He has certainly had an ability and a strong hold desire for commerce, and following that road has lef him to a tremendous amount of success.


#MoralOfTheStory: Do things you have a natural ability, talent and passion towards. You can either push through mud, or ride a water slide. It will literally make a world of a difference. Money, success and happiness will follow.



 “You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.” – Michael Dell






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