Ed Sheeran’s 5 Leaps Of Faith

Ed Sheeran success facts

When the world is introduced to a new artist, it sometimes feels like they were born to be and all the success just randomly fell upon them, the key words here are ‘feels like’. Because when we learn about their struggles and challenges, we quickly remember all the dedication and faith-abiding action they took. Ed Sheeran, who became one of the biggest stars took some behemoth size leaps of unwavering faith to conquer his deepest desires. That desire happened to be music and art, here’s the 5 big chances he thankfully took to reach his dreams…


1.) He was born in Halifax, Canada, and became addicted to music since a kid when he was first introduced to playing the guitar and showed a ton of promise fairly quick.


2.) When Ed Sheeran was 11, he got his inspirational notion as he met singer and songwriter Damien Rice backstage at a concert. This moment served him immensely. Apparently, Rice told the young kid to begin writing his own music, and rather than sit back and wait, he jumped all over the advice and commenced with song-writing the very next day! Pretty soon he was recording his won CD’s and selling them too!


3.) By the time he was 14, he decided to make one of the boldest moves of his entire life, he eloped to London for the summer to surround himself around a more vibrant and artistic city. He packed his guitar and bag full of clothes and began his search for the lime lights. Hungry for success, he quickly recorded 2 more albums. His opportunities began to unfold quickly, and before long he was opening for bigger bands. In 2009 alone, he performed at an eye popping 300 live shows.


4.) The next jump he made was to the quickly evolving online world. Rather than stick to all he knew, Ed Sheeran took it upon himself to become familiar with online media and quickly learned the in’s and outs and was shockingly very effective at it. Eventually a rapper named Example noticed him and got Sheeran to tour with him as his opening act. Again, he took the chance and jumped on board, which led to a ton of more opportunities, online exposure and heightened inspiration for his future songs.


5.) Eventually Sheeran took another leap of faith and risked it all by going to the United States. Within a short time frame, the legend himself Jamie Foxx, became a big fan of Sheeran’s abilities. Foxx would invite him to join on the Sirius radio show. Without much promotion he released another album which blew up significantly to the point we all heard his music and he was signed to Atlantic Records. Many of us probably thought he was born lucky, until we dug a little bit deeper and realized he took gigantic risky and courageous steps to fulfill his visions.



Be original; don’t be scared of being bold! – Ed Sheeran




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