Halle Berry’s Commitment To Excellence

Halle Berry committed to success

Halle Berry is rightfully one of the highest paid actresses in the movie industry because of her deep internal desire and commitment to reach for excellence. She tends to choose between breathtaking dramatic roles and high flying action films as she has the ability to stay in character even after the cameras stop filming.

Halle Berry was extremely skilled in her craft (due to her enormous passion) and she would “live her roles”, which of course was a huge edge over her competition.

For her role in Jungle Fever, she did not shower or bathe for several weeks to completely portray her role of a crack addict.This, many claim, was her big screen breakthrough that would lead her to inspire the world…

From her fierce determination and intense roles she has injured herself several times. On the set of Gothika she broke her arm. Halle accidentally  smashed her head on the lights during the set for Catwoman. She injured herself while shooting Die Another Day and then subsequently choked on a fig during the love scene. Although it looks like she may be prone to these injuries, it should be noted that her strive for perfection is what makes her essentially unbreakable.

She adopted a cat to understand and learn more about cats for her role in the 2004 film Catwoman. It’s undeniable that her ability to perfect and practice is a top priority for Halle, as she is apparently a forever determined student of her profession as she still studies under Ivana Chubbuck

When Halle Berry was pregnant for the first time, she returned to work just 8 months after giving birth. And then with her second baby son, she was back to filming only 3 months after birth.

#MoralOfTheStory: When you find something you really love and have the ambition required to become successful, you will do whatever it takes and commit to excellence on every level.



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