J.K. Rowling’s Commitment to Dreams

J.K. Rolwing writing on napkins

J.K. Rowling went from being unemployed and living on welfare to becoming a multi-millionaire in the span of five years. She was inspired heavily to do what she felt in her heart – an imaginative book for children. She would make tons of sacrifices as she committed wholeheartedly to her deep seeded visions. She would go on to see the embryo reach reality in her Harry Potter Series.

On a postponed train from Manchester to London, she wrote her first Potter ideas on a napkin. She also typed Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on a manual typewriter, usually writing in Edinburgh cafés and trains with her daughter Jessica Mitford who was named after Rowling’s childhood heroine.


“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”J.K Rowling



#MoralOfTheStory: When inspiration strikes and you get the nudge to move, do not wait, propel forward with whatever you got and wherever you are.



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