9 Adversities Faced By Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton inspiring facts

Isaac Newton was one of the brightest minds ever and was considered the most influential scientist of all time. He made numerous breakthrough’s in physics, al-chemistry, astronomy, math, and he was responsible for creating the practical telescope. He developed the theory of color and he even increased the value of the pound sterling. Whatever Isaac put his mind and genius intellect toward, he came out with new discoveries and inventions. Some argue that the one main reason Isaac Newton become so brilliant and ambitious, was the loads of adversity he faced in his life, but mostly during his childhood. Here’s the 9 Isaac Newton facts that portray the big challenges he faced that might blow your mind.

1.) When Newton was born on Christmas day, he was premature and as a tiny baby was not initially going to survive. He was destined for greatness.


2.) He was born in the United Kingdom during a time of chaos as the country was facing many issues from civil war to a threatening plague. People during that era actually believed the world was coming to an end.


3.) Isaac Newton never met his own father as he had died before he was even born.


4.) His mother left him alone with his grandmother to marry a man from a village close to home and when she returned, she barely spent any time with Isaac because she was so focused on her new three children.


5.) His mother initially wanted him to become a farmer, as they had a family farm. He had no desire and failed the exam for farming too! Luckily, his uncle and his headmaster were quickly learning that Isaac was much more intellectual.


6.) Newton was actually not considered very smart in his early years of school. He had a poor record due to lack of attention and concentration. He was near the bottom of his class.


7.) When he was in school, he was confronted by a school-yard bully. He faught the kid and beat him, but was still aggravated and felt like he needed to prove his superiority. This drove him to become a better student as a way of revenge. He would go on to build unique windmills and sundials. Success is the best form of revenge.


8.) He had a lonely childhood and felt abandoned by own his family, as his mother remarried twice and he did not get along with his stepfather. Isaac Newton even threatened to burn down the house. Thankfully, he would find his peace in books.


9.) He was an oddball amongst his peers and barely had any friends. Newton was apparently very quiet, reserved and unsociable.