Lululemon Chip Wilson Law of Attraction

On the Lululemon blog, founder Chip Wilson explains his belief in the philosophy of the law of attraction. Chip Wilson believes, and implements this culture within his work environment, that like attracts like, the type of person you are will attract those types of people and that type of lifestyle into your vicinity. A short except from his article:

“If you do not know what the secret is about, then I will tell you. It is about the “LAW OF ATTRACTION”. The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract aspects, qualities and people in your life that reflect the type of person who you are.
Alcoholics attract alcoholics

Athletes attract athletes

Thieves attract thieves

People with integrity attract people with integrity

Liars attract liars

People who know how to make money attract people who know how to make money

Empathetic people attract empathetic people

Goal setters attract goal setters

People who take on sole responsibility for how their lives turn out attract the same

Complainers attract complainers

Health attracts health

Sickness attracts sickness

The list is endless. How do you know what type of person you are? Look at the people you attract in your life. Look hard at your “friends” and at your family. Are they always complaining about how their lives and work and relationships? Do they have concrete goals with dates for completion? Are they people of action?

You have to look at the quality of your friends because no one is capable of seeing themselves for who they are. The inability to see ourselves is one of nature’s tricks to make us think we are powerless while at the same time having us believe we are the best we can be.

I will venture to say that most people do not reach their potential because they do not love themselves. Because they do not love themselves they are stuck in a prison of trying to “look good”. They pretend to be who they are not and buy material items to show they are different from what they are.”

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