The Notorious BIG

Born: May 21, 1972, New York, US | Successful For: Rapper (Legend) | Zodiac Sign: Gemini

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3 Success Lessons from Notorious BIG’s Biography:


The Notorious BIG’s Accountant Said He Pursued His Passion.

For the short successful career Biggie Smalls had, he was highly passionate about music, Entrepreneur Magazine was able to talk to his accountant, who gave the interview the follow advice, he simply said “figure out what you love, kid, and do it forever.”Biggie clearly loved what he did, and exuded passion in his music, “only make move when your hearts in it.” To his mothers surprise, he dropped out of high school at 7 despite the fact his mother has stated the family was not as poor compared to “inner-city standards.” At this point he was hustling drugs on the streets, being a normal kid at home, but also hanging out in basement studios with producers (and groups such as Old Good Brothers) reading “Word Up Magazine” dreaming about being a famous rap MC. As he states “It was all a dream, I used to read Word-Up Magazine, Salt-N-Pepa, Heavy D up in the limousine.”


Biggie Was A Rebel With Notorious Courage, Learning From The School of Hard-Knocks:

As a young, African-American, from a ghetto area (although he had a mentality that they were from poverty, his mother on air states that they were not compared to the area), drawn to the street-life, Biggie, unlike most people, was confident that he could create the lifestyle he wanted. As a youngster he would constantly argue with his mom about public education, where his mom saw education as the solution to a better life, but Biggie saw education as a somewhat of a “joke” and once even argued to his mom that one could make more money as a garbage collector than the teachers who teach him. At the age of 15 he took to the street life, was selling crack, and was arrested at 17 (the same year he dropped out of school) where he had to go to jail for 9 months. Going to jail was a blessing in disguise as it showed him how bad things could get, and as a result, shortly after, Biggie decided to change his life. He went fully into music which was a major turning point and propelled his rap career. Biggie Smalls had the courage, and the tenacity to go after his dream instead of taking the “safe-route” even when life wasn’t looking so hopeful.


Biggie Smalls Learned From Iconic Figures And Had Impeccable Work Ethic (When It Came To Music):

When Biggie was young he was drawn to music, he went to the same high school that Busta Rhymes, and Jay Z went to, Westinghouse High School, where rap culture was prominent. Biggie looked up to artists such as LL Cool J and Big Daddy Kane which drove Biggie to hustle hard on his craft and live the lifestyle he would often see his idols live. Biggie and his two DJ’s the Techniques would often meet after school in their high school years to work on music, and would even meet with now-famous Jazz musician Donald Harrison where Harrison would allow the youngsters to use his instruments while teaching them about jazz music. Shortly after, as Biggie was more involved in the drug game, the meetings stopped, and Biggie found himself with new DJ’s, DJ 50 Grand and DJ Mister Cee. DJ 50 Grand saw major potential in Biggie Smalls, but DJ Mister Cee (who toured with Biggie’s icon Big Daddy Kane) first wanted Biggie to perfect his craft on a demo tape they created before Mister Cee was confident in getting young artists name out. Once Biggie finally had a professional tape down, Mister Cee gave the tape to the most popular rap columnist at the time, Matty C who loved the tape so much he gave it straight to an up and coming A&R rep Sean Combs (now known as the founder of Bad Boy Entertainment, P Diddy). Throughout this journey Biggie was constantly perfecting his music, putting in the work, this led him to becoming a legend in the hip hop industry.

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“Stay far from timid. Only make moves when ya heart’s in it and live the phrase sky’s the limit”

– Quote by The Notorious B.I.G



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