John Paul DeJoria (Founder of Patron): Keys to Success

Want to learn from a BILLIONAIRE who was once homeless? Check out this video of John Paul DeJoria (the founder of the Patron Tequila drink, and founder of Paul Mitchell hair products). Here are the 2 keys to success he states:

1) Be prepared for a lot of rejection: He states that you must understand you will be rejected, a lot! If you’re prepared for it, it won’t let you down. Learn from your failures.

2) Successful people do all of the things unsuccessful people don’t do: He states that successful people are willing to knock on the 101st door even if the first 100 doors said “no” with the same amount of enthusiasm as the first door. They understand they will be told “no” a lot and the one yes will make all of the difference. John Paul DeJoria states that successful people learn to do there best at everything, even at the job they hate. They are willing to put in the extra effort, more than what is expected and know that it may not be seen today, it may not be seen in a week, it may not even be seen in a year but once someone sees they will see that person as a successful individual. This lesson is about mindfulness, being fully focused on everything you do, put high quality in everything, make winning a habit!You’ve probably heard of this one before, and you may not want to hear it but it’s the truth.

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