P. Diddy On Positivity, Belief And Success


P. Diddy never fails to bring his high flying energy and enthusiasm while trying his absolute best to inspire everyone and anyone listening. He really, really, really believes that the more you believe the more you will receive. He believes so strongly in who he is, what he’s about and his abilities. Diddy claims to never doubt himself and that has brought him so much success. As a natural born entrepreneur, he really believes that doing what he loves in everything he does is critical too. Diddy understands that it’s about getting outside of yourself so that your not doing things for selfishness, money or fame, but it’s about trying to change people’s lives, to make people feel good or to make yourself feel good, then it will all come naturally.


“I just feel like I’m a living testament to people, if you dream and you believe, you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish, you know?” – P.Diddy


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