Drake’s Recipe For Success And Words Of Wisdom


VYBO (Visualize Yourself Beyond Ordinary) is a youtube channel dedicated to showcasing a video compiled of interviews of celebrities and their advice to others. In this clip, hip hop genius Drake breakdown his formula for greatness. He revealed that being surrounded by other successful artists in the industry such as Rick Ross and Lil Wayne helped him a bunch. He took mental notes of them and their huge efforts to being the best and applied it to his own rise to fame. He claimed that they worked while others partied and they hustled and grinded harder than anyone he’s ever met.

Drake clearly has the work ethic and the dedication to stay on top of the hip hop game as he explains many scenarios of where he worked until 6am in the morning or how he sacrificed so much to get to where he already is. He has a very competitive mindset and understands that to be great you have to put in the hours. Work ethic can grow tremendously, however, when you are a passion driven individual, and Drizzy is no exception. It’s quite obvious that he loves what he does, as he practices his rhymes, creates lyrics, performs night in, night out and has his hands well in the business side of things too. He elaborated on how he’s addicted to success and why he embraces growth.

Once you taste achievement, it becomes a healthy obsession that continuously drives you further and farther. It becomes a personal challenge to want to become better than you were yesterday.


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