Mason Plumlee’s Incredible Journey To The NBA


Mason Plumlee is a first round draft pick who now plays for the Portland Trailblazer’s of the NBA. He comes from a family invested in basketball, as he played for the Duke Blue Devils alongside his older and younger brother during different periods of time. His father who was a disciplinary man who also played college basketball himself. So having a family that was tied to the game, gave Mason some powerful subconscious beliefs that were ingrained in him since being a young child. American Express did a great interview type video with him about his journey to the top.

Mason describes his story as full of obstacles and overcoming them through a never ending journey. He believes that the journey is a process. He reveals that he was constantly always benched and that he and his older brother Miles were a competitive mission with one another from the get go. Mason tell us about his father’s supportive but disciplinary ways that certainly guided him along the way. He made sacrifices that his father entrenched within him. His father would force him to go to a military school where there was a much more competitive environment along with stricter rules. Mason really did not want to go because it meant leaving all of his friends at his high school, however, looking back he is of course thankful for the sacrifice and the lesson in disguise.

He also claims he truly started at the ‘low end of the totem pole’ and it felt like everyone was passing him. Mason Plumlee tells a tale of how he was the last guys on the bench in his rookie season, and during that game he only got a 3 minute shift which ultimately made him breakdown because he was so driven and wasn’t getting any further. It was like hitting a plateau. His brother was exceeding and he felt stuck. He had a special teammate who he never forgets about to this day who told him – it’s your choice! Do you want to be bigger? Mason claims this question never left him, and every time he was on the court, it was like the question was being asked to him in his mind all the time.

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