Theory Of Everything’s Final Scene Is A True Masterpiece About ‘Time’


SPOILER ALERT: This is the final scene from the romantic biography of Physicist Stephen Hawking in the film The Theory Of Everything. The film was exceptionally received as it won several awards. It was very well directed and the story line had a strong plot as it was both inspiring and emotional, combining the achievements from Stephen Hawking’s prolific scientific findings while depicting the true life events that occurred in his life from being diagnosed with ALS to having a wife who stuck by his side through thick and thin until the near end. Either way, the movie captured many moments and hit many internal chords of life and mostly the essence of ‘time’ (one of Stephen’s major discoveries).

 This is the movies final scene when Stephen Hawking was knighted by the Queen. It was pure inspiration in it’s most visual forms. Although very few words are said, it’s the scene of pure genius, as his ex wife thanks him for everything and Stephen tells her “look what we’ve made” as they both stare at their kids playing by the pond. The directors take it to the next level as they showcase a quick rewind through ‘time’ of the life they created and all that they endured together. Extremely powerful.



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