Why Hilary Duff, Jessica Biel, Tony Hawk And Slash Believe In Giving


Actress Jessica Biel and Hillary Duff, Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk and Guitarist Slash give their personal insight, opinion and perspective on how to make a significant difference in the world. They break down how “contributing” to the world can happen in several ways, whether it be in your local community, inspiring others, or changing yourself. They explain how you “don’t have to be a celebrity, nor need a lot of money”. It’s rather more important to get involved and participate, especially in causes that interest you. Change and making a difference, more so happens in small doses and piece by piece than trying to always think large.

Hillary Duff explains how her mother contributed to her always wanting to inspire people by helping others. Jessica Biel elaborates on how it all starts with small groups of people who are passionate and how when you give, you will in fact, get so much more in return. Tony Hawks stresses on actually physically contributing and giving a helping hand to make real lasting change.

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