Ray Charles’ Healing Flashback Scene Is Refreshing And Emotional


An emotional yet uplifting scene from the 2004 true story film Ray, which is a depiction of Rhythm and Blues musician Ray Charles and his decorated career which was full of many ups and downs.The movie did extremely well and included a star studded line-up including Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles and Kerry Washington.

The story was about Ray Charles and his many life obstacles, growing up in poverty, feeling immense guilt throughout his life for not saving his brother from a freak drowning accident, losing sight in his eyes until finally going blind at age 7 from glaucoma, beocming addicted to drugs and facing many issues during the civil rights era. The film is inspirational on many levels, as he endured through so much and came out on the other side as one of the greatest musicians who electrified crowds with his energy and enthusiasm.

Ray Charles’ mother was an exceptional woman who instilled great character in her son from the very beginning. She never allowed him to make excuses but rather taught him how to deal with what he had. She strongly encouraged him to be independent and tells him to promise never to allow the world to “treat him as a cripple.”

In this portion of the movie, Ray has a refreshing flashback (from heroin withdrawals), where he has a conversation with his deceased mother, whom reminds him of not allowing the world to cripple him, and that he has actually allowed himself to become a cripple, via the drug addiction.

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