Jose Bautista “The Man Behind The Bat” Reveals His Unique Upbringing

Home run king of the Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista takes us into his world and humble beginnings out in the Dominican Republic. The “Jose Bautista Man Behind The Bat” video by Sportsnet tells his tale from his point of view and the negatives he faced. Although he was born into a middle class family, he was still in a very poverty stricken country where he sort of lived two different lives. Mostly because his competition was usually from the poorer part of town. His parents were always very dedicated to making sure their son was educated and earned his degree, they also didn’t want him to be focused on “a game”. Either way, Jose could not neglect his inner urges and passion to play baseball. And as he continuously grew in his element and strived to keep getting better, he would slowly impress his father who was beginning to see his potential. Jose was becoming an elite star with major potential, and he was eventually able to be very selective about whether money was equivalent to his education, in which case 5k was not worth it. This enabled him to pick where and who he would play for.

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