What Travis Barkers’ Tattoo’s Really Mean?

Travis Barker real reason tattoo

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker is extremely passionate about music and his artistic tattoos which cover him from head to toe. His tattoos have been the topic of discussion for many years, whether it be his cool head tattoo or how some of them were burned off during a plane crash. However, the real fascinating story about his tattoo’s are that they served him on a path to his dreams. One of the main reasons why he became a famous drummer and the creator of a clothing line.

His tattoos symbolize something much grander. They serve as a reason to never go back to normal, being covered in tattoo’s meant he would never be able to get a ‘normal’ job, and work a 9 to 5 career. A bold move, that truly paid off and kept his mind in check. Travis Barker had to make it in music or die trying, so to speak. This is a classic example of what Napoleon Hill called ‘definiteness of purpose’ and why it is such a powerful tool that works!


“I tattooed my body so I couldn’t fall back on anything. I purposely did that so I couldn’t get a normal job and live a normal life. I did it so I had to play music.”


With no plan B in sight, Travis Barker cut off all ends of retreat, which forced him to aggressively chase after his dreams. It allowed him to work that much hard and never to look back at other options of settling for a life less than what he knew he was capable of achieving.

Things were not always smooth by any means, in fact, he recalls times where he couldn’t afford to eat, but going after his dreams full throttle is not something he looks back to with regret. Travis Barker and the reflection of his tattoos tell us a great tale of the power associated to cutting off all ends and forcing yourself to find and make a way.

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