Why Jordan Belfort Believes The Fear Of Failure Will Stop You

The Wolf Of Wallstreet, Jordan Belfort discusses the #1 thing that truly get’s in our way towards progress, and that is the fear of failure. He elaborates on how we come up with excuses in the back of our minds in order to justify with ourselves, so that we don’t put ourselves out there. Jordan Belfort is a motivational speaker who generally speaks in regards to sales, however his straight forward advice in this video is for everyone. He really believes that our fear of failure holds us back because we are afraid of looking bad or be embarrassed, when the truth is, people actually gain respect for the ones who have heart and are unafraid to get out there. Nothing is ever perfect the first time around, and the sooner we make mistakes or even fail, the sooner we become better, but not taking the first steps and trying to achieve perfection is pretty much delusional. He gives the example of how babies perhaps fail at walking the first 50 or 200 times by crawling, falling, and getting back up again, until they finally achieve walking. Babies are too young to care or be embarrassed. And somehow we forgot that falling was maybe the most important lesson. Jordan also talks about the bullshit stories we constantly hold on to, which won’t allow us to become honest with ourselves. And in order to make things happen, we need to know where we are, where we wish to go and how we are going to get there. And that requires step one, being honest with where you are. So, remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with failing.

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