Why Cate Blanchett Defended”Female Lead Roles” In Powerful Speech

The huge Australian A-list actress, Cate Blanchett won the “Best Actress” award for her lead role in Blue Jasmine. She gave out the usual thanks to family, friends, co-workers and directors, and then made a bold statement that very needed to be made in this day and age. She remarked about the importance of female led roles, and how the stigmas which surrounded them should be shattered by now. Cate Blanchett used her time wisely by making it loud and clear that these films with female led roles are popular, bring in just as much or more money as male led roles, and are quite needed in a world which is finally slowly balancing. She spoke about how they are not supposed to be a niche and that they bring box office hits. She finished on the topic by making a very valid analogy, “The world is round people.” Well said Cate! The audience and the industry of actors and actresses loved it, and were ecstatic with a powerful applause for her strong obvious points.


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