The Life Altering Gravity Scene About ‘Letting Go’ Is Beautiful

This is the climax scene from the award winning film “Gravity”, where Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) shows back up and enters the spacecraft where Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is in a hopeless state of mind trying to get back home. However, Matt is only there in her mind telling her what she really needed to hear; the knowledge on how to get back home, and more importantly the inner wisdom of “letting go.” Matt’s spirit tells Ryan to get on with life, (her child died many years ago), and reminds her to enjoy the ride by planting her feet down by truly letting go of the past in order o finally move forward. Below, is the final scene of her coming to her senses and realizing that either way, life or death, it WILL BE one hell of a ride. The scene really depicts how being absolutely detached from ourselves and life’s most traumatic events can be a truly liberating experience.

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