How Many Times Was Chicken Soup For The Soul Rejected?

jack canfield chicken soup rejected

“Chicken Soup for the Soul” was rejected by 144 publishers. If we had given up after 100 publishers, I likely would not be where I am now. I encourage you to reject rejection. If someone says no, just say NEXT!”



Most people told Jack Canfield, the creator of Chicken Soup For The Soul, that his idea would never work. The cliche advice that “most people” tend to give unfortunately. It can do one of 3 things; some will give up, some will be more driven, and then some, as in Jack Canfield’s case,  just don’t care what others think altogether. He didn’t care about the opinions for one main reason, he had major purpose backing his idea.

Jack would persevere through 144 rejections for a publisher, like mentioned above, which was his Facebook status. On his personal website he discussed what happened after he did find a publisher saying “When I finally did get a publisher, he said we’d be lucky to sell 20,000 books. I told him my goal was to sell a million-and-a-half in the first 18 months. He laughed and said I was crazy. Well, today he laughs on his private jet!”

With enough resilience through rejection and ambitious goals that no one but himself believed, Jack Canfield was able to sell over 123 million copies in just North America and over 500 million worldwide!