Why Dumb People Get Rich

Rich People vs Poor Peole

Are you aware that being too smart can actually hinder you from achieving your dreams? Well, it’s true. You may not know it, but your logic and intellect may be keeping you away from being extremely successful.

Poor People Over-Analyze Everything

Don’t be one of those people that over-analyzes everything before going after their dreams. When you decide that you want to become financially free and live a successful lifestyle, you can’t over-analyze everything, because if you do, you will find yourself always seeing problems, and never really getting anywhere. When people who don’t make a lot of money see an opportunity they tend to analyze it to the point that the odds are no longer in their favor, and will eventually not take the risk or opportunity. I got bad news for you people; every opportunity that you will ever come across will not be in your favor. This type of mentality will have you working at a dead-end job for the rest of your life because these types of jobs are the only ways that making money will be in your favor. They offer security that you will always get a certain amount of money, certainty that you will have a job and most likely be repetitive. Unfortunately, you will never get financially free. So unless you want to become rich STOP over-analyzing every opportunity!

Rich & Wealthy People Are Unrealistic

Rich people on the other hand, see an opportunity, try it (regardless of the odds), and if it works, they get rich, if it doesn’t they move on. It’s that simple, however poor “smart” people think there has to be a lot more to it than that, and as a result, they never even start trying to make a lot of money, they take the easy and comfortable way out. Rich people do not think in logical terms when they see an opportunity. In fact, Richard Branson quotes “I never get the accountants in before I start up a business. It’s done on gut feeling, especially if I can see that they are taking the mickey out of the consumer”, this is the unrealistic mentality rich people have. The possibility of it becoming successful far outweighs the fact that they might fail, and so they are solely focused on how amazing it will be when it is successful. Even if they do fail, they don’t let it affect them whatsoever; they don’t have an emotional attachment to their business. This drives them to not only take chances, but also gets them to think in a mindset where they love taking chances. Rich people do not look at hard facts and wait for the perfect opportunity because they know that perfection doesn’t exist.

Poor People Think They Know It All

Poor people tend to stay poor because they think they know everything, and as a result they never end up trying new things. Many people that open a business end up failing because they believe they know everything in that business, they’d rather be right than be rich, and so they don’t apply the old fashion saying “the customer’s always right.” Consequently, they fail. They tend to beat their head against the pavement following their intellect rather than learning the new way of doing business, (and the new way of doing business is always changing and learning).

Rich & Wealthy People Know They Know Nothing

Rich people are very open-minded, and as a result are always learning the newest ways of doing things. They understand that the world is constantly changing, and that they could never be fully educated in their field of business. Rich people would rather be wrong and rich, than be right and broke. Rich people are willing to sacrifice their ego to make millions of dollars. They are willing to unlearn the principles they were taught by “mediocre to poor” people in order for them to make massive amounts of money. They also understand that they know nothing, and tend to follow other successful people, instead of the average, everyday person. They are masters of modeling their mindset and actions into the same habits of other successful people.

If you want to be rich, chances are, you need to dumb down, get rid of your ego, and be open to re-learning the principles of successful people. It is next to impossible to succeed thinking you know everything, because everything in the world is always changing and you need to keep educating yourself. However, don’t educate yourself by other people that also think they know it all, you need to be educated by other successful people. You have to learn how to mold your actions into those of successful people who have been there and done it.