How Chris Rock’s Heroes Changed His World, Literally

Comedian Chris Rock conducted an interview with The Black List where he spoke about his role models in Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy. He read the Richard Pryor book “Pryor Convictions” and idolized Eddie Murphy and how he revolutionized acting. He talked about how he was working towards comedy but never had a set out plan and he initially didn’t know he could be a famous comedian, he thought maybe working at UPS would have been a blessing. It all changed when he saw a comedian at a radio city music hall and his brother said “your as good as that guy”. Sometimes it takes just one person believing in us to allow us to realize that we can do what we desire. And having these role models really assisted Chris Rock in believing that he could do something more than a bus boy and perform at Madison Square Garden.

This influential interview has Chris Rock getting really deep about being black and speaking about some of the challenges faced by all colored people and how he wants to break the stigmas and real inequalities.

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