Watch Jim Carrey Shatter The Ego Of A-Listers At The Golden Globes

Never shy of offering his hilarious insight or down right truths, Jim Carrey did just that at the 2016 Golden Globes when he went up to announce the winner for best comedy. He spoke about himself being “2 time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey” as he mocked the way we perceive things such as awards – and the crowd of Hollywood celebrities found it hilarious too. As funny as it was, it was completely true, whether from the standpoint of celebrities or anyone else. We live in a reality where our ego mind’s take over our souls, so to speak, and we lose touch of who we really are, thanks to the unnecessary glam and glitter that we constantly surround ourselves with. Jim Carrey’s reminder of “feeling like you’re not enough” was a brilliant message as it is one of the most common diseases we face as human beings and it’s directly correlated to our ego minds.

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