John D Rockefeller

Born: July 8, 1839 New York, US | Successful For: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist | Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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3 Keys to Success From John Rockefeller’s Story:

John Rockefeller Gave From The Heart, And It Came Back Tenfold:

John Rockefeller gave 10% of everything he made from the very beginning. He understood the power of karma.  A Baptist priest once told him to “make as much money as you can, then give as much of it away as you can” and Rockefeller did just that. In total, Rockefeller is known to have given away half the money he obtained in his lifetime, much of which went to charities he had created (this includes The Rockefeller Foundation, and many other charities focused on the African-American projects).


John Rockefeller Set Goals, Then Dedicated His Entire Life To Achieving Them:

He made the decision that he wanted to be very rich at a young age. He set goals for himself and at such a young age, he had no contradictory thoughts telling him it was not possible. Rockefeller stated that he wanted to make a million dollars, and live to 100, as outrageous as it sounds, it worked even better than expected, the man was the first to make a billion dollars in history, and his age goal was fairly accurate as well, he died at the age of 98. This is a key trait among successful people, they make an early decision or goal on what they set out to do.


John Rockefeller Understood That If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying, Therefore You Must Keep Expanding:

John Rockefeller never settled, he continuously expanded his business to achieve new heights of success. Rockefeller was the richest man in the world, not because he found a good business, but because he kept finding new ways to build his businesses. He applied the principle of setting the bar higher, over and over again in order to live a truly fulfilling life. In fact, the law that prevents one from building a monopoly was first implemented because of Rockefeller; Progress is the pathway to happiness.

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