30 Best Movie Speeches of All Time

Movies are possibly the greatest form of inspiration, and more often then not it’s certain “ah-ha” moments that can have a life long effect on the viewer. These moments often come when a speech is being made by the protagonist at his/her peek (the climax of the movie), when the person can decide to either continue fighting, holding on to what he/she believes in, or give up, the make it or break it moment. These speeches are often the turning point of the movie (spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the movie  and are planning on watching it, don’t watch the speech). Here are the 30 greatest movie speeches of all time.

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1) Troy Speech

2) Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Speech

3) Animal House Speech: Bluto’s Motivation

4) The Goonies Speech: It’s Our Time

5) Rudy Speech: Fortune’s Truth

6) Scrooged Speech: Miracles

7) Accepted Speech:

8) Braveheart Speech: Freedom

9) 300 Speech

10) Henry V Speech

11) Good Will Hunting Speech

12) Legend of Baggar Vance Speech

13) Secondhand Lion Speech: Things Worth Believing In

14) Shawshank Redemption Speech: Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying

15) Gladiator Speech: My Name is Maximus

16) Rocky Balboa Speech: It Ain’t About How Hard You Hit

17) Miracle Speech: You Were Born For This

18) Invictus Speech

19) Blindside Speech: Courage & Honor

20) Dead Poet’s Society Speech: Carpe Diem

21) Freedom Writers Speech: I Am Home

22) Remember The Titans Speech

23) Independence Day Speech

24) V For Vendetta Speech: Revolution

25) Any Given Sunday Speech: Peace With Inches

26) Armageddon Speech

27) Don Juan DeMarco Speech: 4 Questions

28) Friday Night Lights Speech: Being Perfect

29) Coach Carter Speech: Our Deepest Fear

30) The Great Dictator Speech