Jack Dorsey’s Talks About Role Model’s And Always Asking The ‘Why’ Question

Twitter Founder and Online Pioneer Jack Dorsey talks about the importance of role models and who some of his are. Surprisingly, he credits his inspiration to artist Robert Irwin as he looks up to his ideology of always asking the ‘why’ question.

Dorsey tells a story about how the infamous artist constantly questions himself and explores a much more open minded approach to reasoning. Apparently Irwin would question why he confined himself to the limits of a canvas, eventually deciding to move towards light sculptures on walls. Eventually Irwin asked himself “why do I really need the wall?”, and he wound up utilizing big rooms and spaces. Dorsey explains how he really admires the artists curiosity and openness to not always quickly answering the ‘why’ question but also doing the work to find that answer.

Jack Dorsey also mentions writer Virgina Woolf as a strong role model as he looks up to her for her strength, confidence and just the way she lived.

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