Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Law of Attraction and Money

“Fake it until you make it”  – Steven Tyler

The phrase so common it has it’s own wiki on it, “fake it till you make it”, nonetheless, if you can apply this saying towards being more wealthy, you will definitely succeed in manifesting more riches into your life. Wikipedia puts it as  one must “imitate confidence so that as the confidence produces success, it will generate real confidence” So how do you apply this principle of fake it till make it as soon as possible?

Feel Like You’re Already Successful

According to Prevention Magazine, “in research at Wake Forest University, for example, scientists asked a group of 50 students to act like optimists for 15 minutes in a group discussion, even if they didn’t feel like it. The more assertive and energetic the students acted, the happier they were.” All power exists in our thoughts, feelings, and actions, which in turn leads to a variation of a little or a lot of either success or failure depending on how real you make those beliefs and thoughts. According to author T. Harv Eker of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, your money blueprint is in direct reflection of how you think and feel about yourself. Only when you begin to believe that you already are the person you wish to be that your reality will begin to align. But you must think the right thoughts, feel the right feelings, and act the right way towards your dreams in order to give enough power to manifest your dreams. This is the beauty of the concept fake it till you make it!

Here is the secret to making more riches. Whatever amount of success you want, you have to act exactly the way you would act as if you already have or had that amount of money you wish to accumulate. Our actions are taken based on the way we feel and so you have to find ways to make yourself feel rich NOW (this includes being grateful for what you have). When famous comedian Jim Carrey was still searching for his success, he used to drive atop the hills in Hollywood and visualize himself as if he was already a successful actor. Not only would he visualize, he would stay on those hills until he felt so excited yet content with his pictured success, only then would he drive back home which he claims would be the most exuberating experiences ever. Those feelings of joy were what made Jim take the right actions and surface the reality he had in his mind to become the successful actor he is today.

When you fake it till you make it, you don’t have to spend like a millionaire, or lie to people, but you have to do certain things that will make you feel aligned with the person you attain to be. Muhammad Ali would compose affirmations on a daily basis which served as a huge recipe for his success. “I’m the greatest I said that before I knew I was.” Affirming positive words about yourself will certainly create seeds of hope and faith in your mind.

You see, living your dream has to do with hard work, but that hard work becomes easy when you’re feeling the right feelings. Feelings directly correlate with taking action, and the action is the bridge that will allow you to manifest the needed  results. But it all starts with the feelings (this is why you must act as if).

Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting a particular way. You become just by performing just actions, temperate by performing temperate actions, brave by performing brave actions.” – Aristotle


Don’t Live By Your Outer Circumstances

Before Jim Carrey was a successful actor, he was at rock bottom, but he didn’t let those circumstances affect his future results because he chose to focus on how it would feel to be successful as opposed to focusing on how poor his life was. Your current circumstances are just “current” circumstances and they are not who you are, they are just a result of your past thoughts and feelings. Remember it’s not about where you are now, it’s about where you’re going!

When your current circumstances don’t look too promising, focus on anything that will make you feel glamorous, luxurious, and rich because these feelings will motivate you to live a higher quality life. The next time you listen to music, especially hip hop, you will notice that many of the richest musicians (musicians profile list) sing songs about being successful or making money, and thus, they tend to create an abundance of wealth, whether they are currently successful or not. Many times, believe it or not, they are actually poor at the time coming from the rough streets, but there mindset is on the riches, it’s no wonder they reach the top.

For example, the top 3 richest musicians in the hip-hop industry have songs about making more money. Jay Z has songs such as Money Ain’t A Thing, P Diddy has Its All About The Benjamins, and 50 Cent has I Get Money, so they tend to keep making more money because they focus on it!

There are many ways to focus on making money such as watching luxurious videos or movies that make you feel rich and listening to music that makes you feel glamorous. It’s all about feeling successful regardless of any circumstance you’re in because your financial wealth depends on it.


 “You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.”  – Paulo Coelho


Presentation & Organization

In order to fake it till you make it, it’s not enough to just feel successful here and there, you have to change your perception of the world, change the way you act, think, talk, and live as if you’re already  financially free. Although this can seem difficult because some people may see you as unaccomplished, that is why you have to have a very strong belief in yourself that others begin to see you in the same way. When you do this, you will train your subconscious mind as if you are already rich and successful, and as a result you begin to take actions that lead you to a wealthier lifestyle.

There are many ways to act as if you’re already successful, and one of those ways is how you present yourself. To do this, learn to dress to impress, maintain your cleanliness and presentation. You have to become accustomed to the person you’d be if you were rich.

The next thing you may want to do that will help you speed up the process in “stacking more paper” is to always be organized. Your life has a direct relationship to how organized your house and room are, if your bedroom is messy, chances are, you’re not as successful in handling your bank account. You have to learn to see everything as a reflection of if it’s making you wealthier, or poorer. Wealthy people are usually pretty sharp and on the ball with cleanliness and organization and when you become neat, tidy, and clean, your entire life becomes organized and structured, including your money.


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances” – William Shakespeare


Walk & Talk Like You’ve Already Made It

Act and talk the way you would if you had conquered your dreams, this will further enhance the feelings. Talk as if you’re already the entrepreneur or whoever you wish to be. However, this does not mean you should boast to people by lying to them, but instead, talk to them in such a way that in your mind you see yourself as a successful person, and that will come across as other people will see potential in you. Wherever you go, see yourself as a wealthy person and you will soon start to get more opportunities to accumulate wealth.

It’s all about the amount of confidence and belief you have, it needs to be strong enough that you convince your subconscious mind that you already are a wealthy person. This is the concept of fake it till you make it.