Ego Vs Intuition

Dalai Lama Tony Montana

“You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.”

– Eckhart Tolle


When making important decisions in life, it’s always a great idea to make that decision based on the question “Am I doing this because of my ego, or am I utilizing my intuition?” To know the difference of ego vs intuition can make all of the difference in your life. It’s very wise choice to follow your intuition as opposed to one that is strictly ego-based. The tough part is the ability to know and understand the difference between the two and to really make the right decision. Take Tony Montana from Scarface for instance, he is all about power, money and respect which are the representation of the egotistic mind. Whereas the Dalai Lama represents peace, serenity and inner happiness which are symbolic of intuition. Here’s how to know the difference of ego vs intuition:


The Egotistic Mind

The Ego exists in the minds of every human being. Some have more while others have less, but it is almost always floating around somewhere in the mind. Ego is the mindset that likes to compete with others instead of working together. It’s the part of our mind that makes materialistic things more valuable than true inner happiness. When the ego is in control, we wrongfully associate what others think of us, with what we think of ourselves affecting our sense of self. We base our worth on things we have or don’t have, such as money, our career or even our physical looks or appearance. The ego keeps us always wanting more and never being satisfied with what we already have. I highly recommend the famous book called A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose written by bestselling author Eckhart Tolle, who teaches the full aspect of how and why the ego works the way it does.


Following Your Intuition

Intuition is something that comes from within, it’s about listening to what’s inside your heart, it’s when knowing comes from an instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. Intuition is the difference between a truly happy and fulfilling life and one that is never satisfied because it’s always looking for more. It’s that gut feeling that tells you it’s the right thing or the wrong thing to do. Intuition is that voice that tells you to appreciate and love life unconditionally in the present moment. It will tell you to do something from the kindness of your heart and invite the flow of greater love, inner peace, and abundance. It’s pretty much the part of every human being that knows what’s truly right, morally and ethically. When we follow and listen to our intuition, we will always make the best choices which results in succeeding in life.


How To Know The Difference Between Ego & Intuition

Knowing the difference between the two can make a very significant impact on your life. Ego and intuition are the exact opposite of one another, and come from totally different places. Ego is driven and based on the outer world and is always seeking approval and security while your intuition is based on love, joy and finding true happiness in life from the inside out. If you find yourself doing something to impress others or trying to gain attention for the things you have then you are acting out of your egotistic mindset. For example, think of a musician, who follows his intuition, he decides to write a song because it comes from his heart and he wants to inspire people or give them a good feeling. Now the same person with an egotistic mindset would write a song because he wants it to earn him a lot of money or to gain himself fame and respect.

Simply put, the egotistic mind can destroy you in every aspect of your life, while the intuitive mind will enlighten every area. Motivational Speaker, Sean Stepherson, often discusses how people can get all the plastic surgery, make-up and clothes in the world to try and be happy, but it never works, and how it’s more about feeling great on the inside. That’s what following your intuition as opposed to your ego all comes down to.


Don’t Do It If The Ultimate Purpose Is Money Or Status

The best way to know if your acting based on your ego is if the main reason for doing it is for money or status. This path can lead you down a very dark and depressing road. Regardless of if you make good money or not, you will never be fulfilled or truly happy within, which is really what life is all about. People who make a lot of money from an egotistic mindset can still become very successful. However, the question are they truly happy often arises? The answer will usually be no, because they are forever wanting and never satisfied or content with what they have.


Find What Reignites Within You

Take a long hard look within yourself, go deep down in the roots of who you really are and make a decision to live a life that is far more significant and enjoyable by following your intuition. When you make decisions based on your intuition, you will realize that it’s about doing things that you have a strong desire for doing. Learning to act from your intuition rather than your ego is a challenge that takes time and practice. As you become consciously aware, you will begin to realize the difference and then you will be able to make the right choices that come from within.