Kevin Costner’s McFarland Speech


In this inspiring scene, Kevin Costner (the track team of McFarland’s coach, Mr White) tells a harsh truth, that most people will never know how hard it is to work as an immigrant. The coach talks about how the all-Latino team (who wakes up every morning at 4am to work on the farms, and then goes to school, then practices for track and field) can do anything they put their minds to due to the sheer hard-work and pain they and their families endure every day. In the movie the coach joins them for a morning in the fields, and in this scene states that he’s never worked harder in his life then that day.


At the end of the movie, McFarland wins the track race, and in real-life the city has won 9 of 14 races since, and Mr White has coached every winning team.

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