48 Intriguing Chance The Rapper Quotes

Chance The Rapper is a brilliant young rapper who stays away from the main stream and avoids radio hits or pop culture. Rather, he remains an underground sensation who let’s his audience find him. He prefers to create an exclusive appeal. In fact, this has allowed many artists to collaborate with him as they understand his popularity will create buzz for themselves. This is what makes him one of the more innovative and unique artists in the game who has essentially reversed the process of becoming a hit.

Chance The Rapper, was influenced by hip hop king and fellow Chicago artist Kanye West, who ended up doing a track with him. This act alone gave him a huge boost in the rap world. From these 48 quotes, inspiring interview answers, and thought provoking lyrics, it’s easy to realize Chance The Rapper is a musical genius with a very bright future.


1.) Idea Orientated:

“In the real world, we just people with ideas.” – Chance The Rapper

2.) A Unique Angle: 

“You’re always going to have the same tools, primitive tools that people are going to touch and use to make different tonal sounds. That’s the hustle: You gotta try and flip stuff. Everything you get, you can turn into something else.” – Chance The Rapper

3.) A Passionate Performer:

“For me, performing is the biggest part of being a rapper. There’s nothing like the feeling of screaming your story to people.” – Chance The Rapper

4.) His Musical Idol:

“My favorite artist in the world is Michael Jackson, and he revolutionized the music video aspect of music.” Chance The Rapper

5.) When He Realized His Destiny:

“I made the decision that I was going to make rap music in, like, fourth grade, so it’s been something I was saying for a long time.” – Chance The Rapper

6.) An Evolving Artist:

“’Chance the Rapper’ is many things. I’m constantly evolving.” – Chance The Rapper

7.) Being Relatable:

“Depending on the story that you’re telling, you can be relatable to everybody or nobody. I try and tell everybody’s story.” Chance The Rapper

8.) On Speaking The Truth:

“Sometimes the truth don’t rhyme.” Chance The Rapper


“Fame or perceived success – it all comes from groupthink.” – Chance The Rapper

10.) On His Hometown Chicago:

“I think it’s so dope that I’m here in Chicago and contributing to the music scene that’s thriving. People are so happy Chicago’s shining that everyone is willing to say ‘I represent Chicago.’ That wasn’t always the case.” Chance The Rapper

11.) Stay Aligned With Yourself:

“Don’t make the music that they like. Make them like the music that you make. It wouldn’t be cool if you were just making it so that they fuck with it. What’s the point?” – Chance The Rapper

12.) Accept Who You Are:

“People wanna say that they’re part Native American or mixed, or anything other than black. We’re raised to believe that there’s something better about not being fully black, something eccentric about it. I’m saying I used to tell girls that I was mixed, which is a bold-faced lie!” – Chance The Rapper

13.) Grateful To Be Alive:

“It wasn’t until I left that I realised it’s not weird to grow up in certain cities and, by the age of 27 or 28, for all of your friends to still be alive. I can think of a lot of kids that I knew in Chicago who were supposed to grow up but didn’t.” – Chance The Rapper

14.) Ambitious To Create:

“There’s a hunger in me that always wants to be creating and orating, telling people something and giving them information and getting feedback. There are so many questions that I’m trying to ask, and I’m still so far from being done saying what I gotta say.” – Chance The Rapper

15.) On His First Time Performing:

“One of the first times I ever performed in front of a big group of people was at my kindergarten graduation. I did, like, a Michael Jackson impersonation as, like, a five year old. I had the suit and blazer, the glove and the fedora, and I just performed a whole Michael Jackson song. I’m sure it was ‘Smooth Criminal.’” – Chance The Rapper

16.) On Loving Rapping More Than Anything Else:

“I don’t really like meetings, I like recording and performing music. I need to set myself up for when the time does come that I need better distribution or just a bigger team behind me.” – Chance The Rapper

17.) On His Parents’ Goals For Him:

“Both of my parents graduated from high school, both attended college, both have government jobs now. They’ve always been very adamant about me finishing high school and finishing college.” – Chance The Rapper


“There’s not really a responsibility at all to tell people of your accomplishments, but I think in Kanye’s situation, it’s Kanye West.” Chance The Rapper

19.) Constantly Thinking & Writing:

“I write a lot. There’s always just different things I’m thinking about. Like, it’s getting warm outside right now, so I’m thinking about the summer and what comes with that and everything.” – Chance The Rapper

20.) Accepting Fate:

“I think I always knew I wasn’t gonna have a regular job. I don’t think I really knew I was going to be a rapper until sixth grade. Even then, it was still kind of—I was in sixth grade. I was always saying I was going to become a rapper.” Chance The Rapper

21.) On How He Will Be Remembered 50 Years From Now:

“I’d say it’s very forward. Everything you write as an artist is about your legacy and your catalog, and how you would look in a museum.” – Chance The Rapper

22.) A Chance The Rapper Quote About His Driven Mindset:

“I don’t really consider myself a trailblazer, I’m more of just a product of the music versus music industry fight that’s been going on forever…I definitely feel liking I’m racing to write everything that I possibly can. Like Alexander. Talking about Hip Hop, it is very much so about the Eminem, 8 Mile, ‘you only got one shot.’ I think everything’s about that because we kind of have been conditioned to understand music as a field where you get discovered or put on…Every shot, when you’re a rapper–You kinda look at every shot as one you’re supposed to take.” Chance The Rapper


“A cool and diversified version of a mix tape. The BreakBeat Poets is a thorough and complete summation of Golden Era writers who continue to build the scene of literary and performance poetry. Chance The Rapper

24.) On What He Would Do During Recess At School:

“Probably playing a Game Boy or saying some jokes. I used to be the class clown. I was the funny kid. That’s why it was so hard for people to understand that I rap, because for a long time they didn’t take me seriously for who I was. By like, eighth grade, I was really rapping. Freestyling at lunch and all that shit. Cafeteria, playground, on the school bus, at parties and shit. Everywhere, man.” – Chance The Rapper

25.) On His Mom Not Wanting Him To Listen To Kanye West:

“I asked my mom for The College Dropout, but she wouldn’t get it for me. This chick I used to see in grade school’s mom bought it for me.” Chance The Rapper

26.) On Mixtapes Vs Albums:

“The whole point of ‘Acid Rap’ was just to ask people a question: does the music business side of this dictate what type of project this is? If it’s all original music and it’s got this much emotion around it and it connects this way with this many people, is it a mixtape? What’s an ‘album’ these days, anyways?” – Chance The Rapper

27.) On Performing At Home:

“There’s nothing like doing a show at home. When you do a show in Chicago, there’s just a certain love that you don’t feel anywhere else; it’s like home base.” – Chance The Rapper

28.) On Rap Vs Sports:

“The weird thing about rap is that you don’t get compared in the same way that athletes do, even though it’s probably the most competitive sport in music. In basketball, they look at a player and say: ‘This guy was the best in his prime at this sport.’ But in rap it’s not until you’re dead or retired that people think about it like that.” Chance The Rapper

29.) A Chance The Rapper Lyric From Interlude (That’s Love):

“What’s better than followers, is actually falling in love.” – Chance The Rapper

30.) Inspired By Michael Jackson:

“I think even before I knew I wanted to be a rapper, I wanted to be an entertainer. I was really into Michael Jackson as a kid.” – Chance The Rapper


“What’s wrong with me is what is right with me I am madly, insanely, injealously in perfect love!” – Chance The Rapper

32.) On Kanye Shifting His Entire Focus:

“Kanye took me from a kid who listened to music to a kid who lived music.” Chance The Rapper

33.) A Different Perspective:

“Some people are so poor, all they have is money.” Chance The Rapper

34.) Lyrics From Everybody’s Something: 

“Everybody’s somebody’s everything. I know you right. Nobody’s nothing. That’s right.” – Chance The Rapper


“The idea of ‘talking white,’ a lot of people grew up around that, just the idea that if you speak with proper diction and come off as educated that it’s not black and that it’s actually anti-black and should be considered only something that white people would do.” – Chance The Rapper

36.) On His Influencer Kanye West:

“Every time he speaks, it’s all on purpose. I’m very selective about words when I’m writing music, but when I’m just talking, I might say some outlandish shit. Everything he says is on purpose and very calculated, and he feels exactly how he feels. I played like seven shows with him last year but didn’t meet him at any of the shows. That shit gets locked down after the show because he’s married to the president or something. This one time, Jaden Smith hooked me up and introduced me to Kanye. He’s never speaking for someone else. He’s just giving you his straight up ideas and his feelings on how the world works and how it should work. I just respect the fuck out of him, and I respect him much more after sitting with him in a room with no one watching and no cameras on and him being like, ‘I care this much about how the world works and how your shit goes and I’m going to give you a full blown lecture, really loud, about how this shit works.’ And I was like ‘yeah, for sure.’Chance The Rapper

37.) On The Tie Between Hip Hop And Violence:

“I don’t know how to attack that question. Obviously violence doesn’t come from music, that’s stupid. That’s not the answer, that’s not right. But music can be very influential especially on a viral basis.” Chance The Rapper

38.) On His Life Goals:

“I don’t really see myself ever needing a house in Paris or some freaky shit like that. I just want to get old in Chicago and be with my homies and make dope music and randomly come to Harvard and give a lecture. I thought you guys were troubled kids and shit and I was coming to talk to you about getting your lives together!” Chance The Rapper

39.) Speaking About The Gun Violence That Comes Along With The Summer Months In Chicago:

“Yeah. Chicago is a situation, you know? It’s more than just a city, it’s like a culture that allows gun violence to happen frequently, and there’s nobody that’s really saying that this shit is not normal, you know? The amount of violence—gun violence specifically, in Chicago—nobody’s doing too much about it. It’s scary. I want to voice it. I want to talk about it. The only person who’s done it to the capacity that I feel is Chief Keef. He’s put that to a lot of people’s faces, and I’m about to shove it in people’s faces. Not exactly in the same way, but people need to know. It’s current. It’s happening right this second. Today it was 70 degrees out in Chicago. And, I don’t know, whenever you write this, see how many gun-related deaths there were this day. If there’s less than two, I’ll give you five dollars later.” – Chance The Rapper

40.) On When He Knew He Wanted To Rap:

“I was at my grandma’s house, in her bedroom. She was just chilling there. I remember I was sitting, and I had to do this “Young Authors” book project. You know about those? It was fourth grade, after Dropout came out. I made a book of poems, little illustrations in them. Poems, you know? But they were really raps.” Chance The Rapper

41.) On One Of His Songs Being About His Grandmother:

“My grandmother is a huge part of my life. She’s just a great woman; a woman of the church. [She’s] a huge influence in my life in terms of my faith and my ideas of love, and women, and family roles: matriarchal role, patriarchal role. She’s very involved in my music and very attentive to what I do. She always wanted a song, so me and Nico, he’s Donnie Trumpet, we both are very close to her. We were making the project, we made the record for her, and we decided we wanted it to be the only single. We did it like that.” Chance The Rapper

42.) When Asked What He Is Willing To Sacrifice For His Legacy:

“My father always told me that my legacy would be my children. And I think the most important thing about creating is the way that your music interacts with people, and the period that it’s released in, and the periods that will have it after your death, and how it’ll work in the world.” Chance The Rapper


“I like to think of my music the same way because a lot of my stuff is about my ideal world, and how I want things to function. I have a daughter who’s going to be raised in this world, and my music and my art are powerful tools in getting that to be formed the way I want it to. So I guess when we talk about legacy, I would do anything to make sure that my legacy lives on and is a healthy one, but I still look at it a little differently. I don’t think the legacy of the music is necessarily what I think about when I think of mine.” Chance The Rapper


“I always thought about how it would affect my future family. But I’m definitely more awake and understanding of the world and its functions now that I am a father.” – Chance The Rapper

45.) On What Kanye Means To Him:

“The first time I heard about Kanye, I was at Edwardo’s Natural Pizza in Hyde Park. I had this little Walkman thing, and it would play the radio. I think I heard “Through the Wire” first, and I was so into the soul sample. Like, the high-pitched—it was just some different shit that I wasn’t used to. I didn’t even know he was from Chicago. I remember listening for like, the next two hours, trying to find out who it was. Then they played “All Falls Down,” and the radio station was like, “This is Kanye West.” And I went, “Well, I’m into Kanye West.” A couple of weeks later I got the album, and then I found out I wanted to be a rapper.” Chance The Rapper

46.) On His Mentor, Michael Hawkins, Who Passed Away:

“Musically, from before he passed, he’s just been a huge influence, and teacher, and molder of me [from] when I was 14 years old. A father figure not just to me but everybody who grew up in that community: No-Name, Vic, Nico, Saba, Mick—anybody. As a man, also, he’s just taught me a lot of things about your role and how you speak to people. He’s just a great man.” – Chance The Rapper


“I would think the open mic thing would be musically how he affected me, him building that space for me. And, also, in his passing, taught me that’s my job. I’m not a mentee anymore. I’m not a young artist in the same place; I’m not hungry for the same things. [The] gratification of being donned a great rapper isn’t as important as giving people the resources they need in order to make the statements they want to make.” – Chance The Rapper


“I think it’s important for me to be qualified to have an opinion on it, and it be informed, but I don’t necessarily think using my platform is always the right thing. It’s more important for [people] to have information. I don’t necessarily always have information. If they’re getting it directly from an uninformed source, or they’re getting it from a source that they don’t really have a filter on in terms of how they take it in, it kind of becomes more propaganda.” Chance The Rapper

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