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Fetty Wap has become a household success but has never let fame get to his head and admits to having the same lifestyle with the accumulated wealth. Perhaps, his humble ways are a direct correlation with the adversity he faced. Willie Maxwell (Fetty Wap), was born with glaucoma in both his eyes, and doctors were unable to save one of them so he was fitted for an ocular prosthesis. For looking different he attracted a lot of hate and was the subject of bullying, but he was never one to run, instead he held his own. Fetty Wap began his music career only a couple of years ago and quickly hustled his way up. He pushed his track ‘Trap Queen’ for 2 years before it became a hit single while everyone doubted him along the way and coined his dreams “impossible”. From these 64 motivational Fetty Wap quotes it’s easy to see how he overcame the struggles and persevered to reach his dreams.


1.) Set Your Own Limits And Do What YOU Love:

“Don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t do it. Love what you do until you don’t love it anymore. Nothing’s impossible.” – Fetty Wap

2.) Trust Your Internal Compass: 

“I am my own mentor. I like to listen to myself to improve.” – Fetty Wap

3.) Stay Grounded And Keep Your ‘Real’ Friends:

“You start to stress yourself out about the people around you. You start to think, like, “What do you really want from me?” And then you forget that you, at some point, asked them for something. At some point you needed them to take you in because you ain’t had nowhere to go. And now you turn around and question their loyalty to you, and those were the only people loyal to you. The only people that really loved you are still there, and you tanked on them. I’ll never let that happen.” – Fetty Wap

4.) Grab The Bulls By The Horn:

“Plans never go well for me. I just live every day like I ain’t gonna live the next one.” Fetty Wap

5.) On Kanye West:

“Oh man, I would definitely love to work with Kanye on something. But it really is all up to him, so whatever he wants to do, I’m with it.” – Fetty Wap

6.) Focus On The Family:

“I was always able to get money, but now it’s a little bit more money, and I manage the same way. I just want to see my family do better.” – Fetty Wap

7.) Loyalty:

“My whole thing is loyalty. Loyalty over royalty; word is bond.” Fetty Wap

8.) On His Infamous Eye:

“When I was little, I got into a little accident, and it gave me congenital glaucoma in both of my eyes.” Fetty Wap

9.) On Seeing The Results Of Working Hard At His Passion:

“When you really work hard for something that you genuinely and truly love, and you don’t want it to fail, it’s a good feeling to see it do good.” – Fetty Wap

10.) Money Doesn’t Count For Nothing:

“I live my life until there’s no more living to be done. Because you never know when it’s going to stop. Wake up tomorrow and it could all be gone, bro. All the cars, all the motorcycles, everything. All the memories. We could go into a state of emergency, you know, and the world goes to war. The money won’t count for nothing.” Fetty Wap

11.) Do What YOU Need To Do:

“I’ve always been my own person. I don’t do what people want me to do. Like, if you want me to do that, I’m going to do the complete opposite.” – Fetty Wap

12.) On His Children:

“I ain’t going to lie: I was happy, man. Me and my sisters and my brother was mad cool. We all did the music thing. My dad had the keys to the church, so we would go over there and jam. So I just want my kids to have fun the right way. I want their type of trouble to be, like, “Aw, Dad, I locked the keys in the car.” I don’t want to hear about, “Oh, my friend just got shot.” – Fetty Wap


13.) Be More Than Just Your Job Title:

“If only the people around you know you’re an artist, then you’re doing something wrong.” Fetty Wap


“As the children get older and know what they want … We all grew up at one point.” – Fetty Wap


15.) Fetty Wap’s Formula For Creating Music:

“Once I come up with the concept, the rest of the song just comes.” Fetty Wap

16.) On His Parents’ Response To His Early Career:

“Once I got to the age where I was like, “I could just do it by myself,” they was like, “Go do it.”” – Fetty Wap

17.) A Selfless Artist:

“Fetty Wap’s not one person. Fetty Wap consists of a tight family. When I go out as Fetty Wap, I represent the whole family. The family is RGF [Productions].” – Fetty Wap

18.) On Not Overworking Himself:

“If I wanted you to get a job, I would ask you to get a job. I’m also not stupid. I’m not going to overwork myself. If I have to chase the money, then I can’t do this no more. That’s not what I signed up for. I didn’t sign up to tire myself out.” Fetty Wap


“Before I let myself question my loyalty to my people, I’m quitting music. I didn’t do this to be by myself.” – Fetty Wap


20.) Staying Fresh:

“I don’t ever try to make a song better than my last song. I just try to make it different from my last one.” Fetty Wap

21.) His Hunger For Success:

“As I started getting older and started to learn about the world, my friends would tell me about video games and dirt bikes and stuff, and I’d be like, “Oh, I got none of that.” I started asking questions, like, “Why we can’t get this stuff?” And it was like, “Well, we work hard to make sure da da da …” – Fetty Wap

22.) A Humble Success:

“I do everything the same, like nothing ever happened to me.” Fetty Wap

23.) On Outside Critics And Not Needing To Prove Anything To Them:

“My legacy is going to live with my kids. My music is going to live forever. I’m not scared. This is what I do. I make good music; can’t anybody take that from me. I never get worried about outside critics because I’m not going to be Kendrick Lamar or whomever else. If I had something to prove, I would be doing it for the wrong reasons. I prove everything to my parents already. This is what I’m doing. To my mother, to my friends, they know this is what I’m doing. Fetty Wap

24.) On Family Over Fame:

“My mom, my father, my little sisters, and my brother – I don’t got that much family. I’m not really a family person. I just do my own thing. But I’ve just been spending time with my mom, especially since the [September motorcycle] accident happened. I drive all the way down there to Georgia just to check up on her. You just get tired of being that person that you thought you were. I don’t feel no different. I see the music, because I made it. I don’t really see the fame.” – Fetty Wap


“The fans are probably the only thing I can really see that’s real.” Fetty Wap

26.) On Really Not Caring What People Think:

“I used to wear the prosthetic eye when I was little to look normal, or what other people thought normal was. It was really when I started making music that I stopped wearing it. People around my city just started getting used to it, and I just started to be myself. I started to feel regular and like I didn’t have to turn my face to take a picture because I didn’t like how I looked. I could look straight into the camera. Every little insecurity I had was gone because I didn’t have to try to look a certain way. This is the way I look and I feel comfortable with it. People still talk about it on Instagram and social media, it’s crazy, but you just have to rise above it. You can’t be a “star” if you’re still going to let people get to you. You can’t be the boss at your job and let people get under your skin.” – Fetty Wap

27.) Remaining Private:

“I don’t beef with people, because I don’t be around people. Nobody can’t say nothing about me, because ain’t nobody know nothing about me.” – Fetty Wap

28.) Doing What’s Right Vs. Money:

“After the years of me trying to figure out what I wanted to do with myself, I knew I had to go back and fix some things. I can’t just be super-rich or whatever and not do the right thing.” Fetty Wap

29.) On Negative Energy:

“I believe in bad energy. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like I don’t want to be attached to bad energies because I’m not about that.” – Fetty Wap

30.) On Being His Truest Self:

“I don’t really think I’m a hip hop artist, honestly. I don’t want to say I’m hip hop. I’m not a rapper, I’m not a singer, I’m not a lyricist, I don’t do what everybody else do. I just make music, I make good music. I’m just Fetty Wap.” – Fetty Wap

31.) The Definition Of ‘Trap Queen’:

“Everybody doesn’t have the same trap queen. Everyone can have their own trap queen. There is the way I use it in the song, but my mom is a trap queen. She held us down and she was a queen at doing it. She took care of her children and her tribe, made sure we had food on the table, and kept our heads up.” – Fetty Wap

32.) On Making Music For People To Vibe To:

“I first started doing music only like two years ago. I’m not really into the whole lyrics thing, I just like to make music that people like to listen to. I don’t concept all of my music on one thing. It takes a lot of people hours to make music because they focus so much on one thing. I just do it and I make something you can just vibe to. I feel like when it’s time for me to make, like, better lyrics and give people stories or whatever, I’ll know when it’s time for that.” Fetty Wap

33.) Not Your Typical Flashy Rap Artist:

“A lot of people got something to prove. If I had something to prove, I proved it already, so why do I have to go showboat? Like, I don’t say I got the hottest song in the world. And, personally, I think otherwise.” Fetty Wap

34.) Never Forget Happiness: 

“The music world taught me a lot. It taught me how much happiness it could take from you. J. Cole said it in that interview: People forget their happiness and what makes them happy. Like, what you really wanted to do it for.” – Fetty Wap

35.) Work Life:

“I’ve had two jobs my whole life. I worked at FedEx for, like, two days, and I worked at Popeye’s for a week. I just needed a check. It was a standard thing for people where I’m from. Well, people from there that did what I did for a living, you know what I’m saying? Go get you a quick check when you mess your money up.” – Fetty Wap

36.) His Ulterior Motive:

“I don’t care about being Fetty Wap. Like, this doesn’t mean anything to me. My plan was to make sure that my son would be good, and I have a daughter now, so now she’s included into the equation, and the work I do as Fetty Wap made me care.Fetty Wap


“I’m surprised I’m still living. I ain’t really make the best of decisions in my life, but for some reason, it missed me. It’s weird – that’s what I always think, like, “Maybe something’s going to happen.” Fetty Wap

38.) A Reliable Individual:

“The best thing that happened is I kept my promises. I ain’t run out on nobody.” Fetty Wap


“I used to see them every day. Now, my biggest fear is that my daughter is going to be crying because she doesn’t know who I am. Or she’s going to be crying because she’s happy to see me. She’s still young so she doesn’t really know what’s up right now. As a man though, that shit kind of hurts me. That’s my baby girl, my only daughter. What man don’t want their daughter to know who they is?” – Fetty Wap

40.) On Wearing A Suit For An Interview:

“I didn’t like it at all—I’m not a fan of suits. But, I did enjoy the experience. The whole suit thing probably won’t happen again.” Fetty Wap

41.) On Being An Underdog From New Jersey:

“I just want everybody to know my music and get to know my squad, Remy Boyz; just to show people New Jersey. New Jersey got talent, too. I mean, everybody sleeps on us, and they put us as the underdog.” Fetty Wap

42.) On What He Does To Stay Grounded:

“I just keep everybody around me. My auntie, Shauna, RGF, the people I started with, I’m still with them. Nothing has really changed for me. People don’t understand that when I say it because everybody is from the outside looking in. It’s like I wake up and I still do what I love to do every day. It’s work now but I can still have fun. I don’t look at this as a job, like a nine-to-five, “I have to go clock in,” or anything like that. It’s like, “Yo, where you at? Come to the game, you gotta go to the studio or you’re not going to make no money.” That’s how my day is. I still get to work with the people I love to be with. I just feel regular, I don’t feel like how everyone is making me out to be. Everyone is making me out to be this superstar artist, and I don’t feel like that. People walk past me every day, and they do a double take, like, “Is that him?” and sometimes I be like, “No, I’m not him” [laughs]. I still feel regular.” Fetty Wap

43.) A Rare Commodity:

“I got my own sound; nobody sounds like me.” Fetty Wap

44.) Following His Own Path:

“I got older – 16, 17 – I was like, “I want to do my own thing.” I wasn’t seeing eye to eye with my parents. It wasn’t what they wanted for me.” – Fetty Wap

45.) The Bigger Mission:

“To see that people appreciate the work that I put in to make these songs for them, that’s what makes me care. I don’t care about being Fetty Wap.” Fetty Wap

46.) Aiming For Longevity:

“I’m not here just to be Fetty Wap, the artist that went platinum off of “Trap Queen,” and then nobody knew what happened. Right now, I have three songs on the [Billboard charts] and I have another one that’s about to come really soon. I just try to keep doing music and let them know that I’m here and I’m relevant. I’m not one of those artists who is trying to get a couple of dollars and get up out of here. I’m not in it for the money — this is what I do. I don’t know how to do anything other than make music. Other than my past life, this is it. My fans that were rocking with me before the world knew Fetty Wap, they like to hear new music so I keep giving it to them. I have a lot of music, I can drop a song every day until my mixtape comes out and you won’t hear the same songs on my mixtape.” – Fetty Wap

47.) Taking His Biggest Shot At Opportunity:

“You never know what could happen, and personally, I don’t care, I just want to get up in here, get this money so that my family can live good, and if the music don’t work out for me, nobody can’t say I never tried.” – Fetty Wap

48.) Wealth Helped His Purpose:

“Once the music started doing good, I didn’t have to look for a way to provide for my kids, this might be my chance to better my son’s and my daughter’s future.” Fetty Wap

49.) The Grind:

“I write most of my music now in the airplane.” – Fetty Wap

50.) On Fear:

“I’m not scared of anything. Like, God, that’s it. I’m scared of God and my mom.” – Fetty Wap

51.) On Being Himself And Being Original With His Music:

“For the most part, I don’t really have a story to tell. It’s the same story; everybody come out with the same story. They came from nothing, they got something and now they have everything. It’s the story everybody already knows about. I just figured, why keep telling people that they ain’t gonna get the chance to live this way? About how much money I got? About how many cars I own. Why can’t I just put it in a way that they don’t really know what I’m talking about, but they’re just singing along? I don’t depend on lyrics for my music. If I did, it’d be a lot longer process for me to make music. And, on top of that, I’d have to be a storyteller, and I’m not a storyteller.” – Fetty Wap

52.) On Being Too Busy For Parenting:

“It bothers me, not all the negativity, not the one-hit-wonder talk—that’s the only thing that actually bothers me.” Fetty Wap

53.) On Not Doing Features With Others:

“I made my name already. … When they hear the album, it’s gonna be Fetty Wap, the artist, featuring his brothers. There’s no superstars on the album; my brothers are superstars to me.” Fetty Wap

54.) Growing Away From Negativity: 

“I don’t try to support bad energies, I don’t make the best positive songs but I’m not a negative person. I don’t want to tie negativity to me. Where I come from there’s negativity, and I’m trying to get away from that all the way.” – Fetty Wap

55.) On His Favorite Item In His Closet:

“My Space Jam 11s. I had to search for them for a little bit. Everybody has the newer ones. I like the older ones that you can’t really wear, they look like they are about to fall apart. Those have the most meaning to me. I remember when I wanted them and I couldn’t get them. I have new ones that I can wear, but there’s nothing like the classic ones.” – Fetty Wap

56.) Keeping It Simple:

“People make their life really hard. It was as simple as this: My parents went to church. My grandfather was a bishop. My mom sang in the choir, my dad played the keyboard, and my uncle played the drums. I was into playing the drums, so I played the drums a lot for my uncle, and it got to the point where I was pretty nice at playing the drums. And he let me play every Sunday so, to me, going to church was fun.Fetty Wap

57.) A True MC:

“I never really thought I was going to be a singer, honestly. I never listened to singers; I always listened to rap music.” Fetty Wap

58.) Behind The Music:

“It takes a lot of people hours to make music because they focus so much on one thing. I just do it, and I make something you can just vibe to.” Fetty Wap

59.) Trap Queen:

“There’s a lot of females that hustle, just like men hustle.” – Fetty Wap

60.) A Great Analogy For His Musical Creations:

“I’m just really waiting for the music to get cooked the right way, and once it’s cooked, I’m going to serve that meal that everybody’s been waiting for.” Fetty Wap

61.) The Challenges He Faced With ‘His Eye’:

“When I was younger it used to bother me a lot. Not bother physically, but when people would say how I looked, I fought a lot. I used to fight a whole lot. Now it doesn’t bother me at all.” – Fetty Wap

62.) On Hustling The Block With His Mixtapes:

“We was doing like it was a back-in-the-day street corner. We’d come out here every day at a certain time and wouldn’t leave until everything was gone.”


63.) A Unique Twist:

“Everybody was rapping … so I did something different. I started singing. But I ain’t want to be a singer, so I did my own thing.”

64.) Focused On The People Around Him:

“I don’t do this to be famous — I do this so the people around me can live better, and I can live better with them. A lot of people don’t make it from where I’m from; when you got certain dreams, it’s just something you see on TV.”

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