Jonathan Toews

Born: April 29, 1988, Winnipeg, Canada | Successful For: NHL Star | Zodiac Sign: Aries

Jonathan Toews keys to success

Inner Keys to Success:

  • BE A LEADER AND LET YOUR WORK ETHIC DO THE TALKING: A less vocal captain who provides leadership with his blood, sweat and work ethic on the ice. The strong silent type. In an interview Toews states “I’m in my third year as the captain, and I’m a little more comfortable being vocal. But I’d rather lead by example, by how I play.”  It’s fair to say Captain Serious lets his action do the talking. Tallon (Chicago’s GM) said. “Johnny has impeccable character. He’s so serious, so dedicated, so committed. Why would you not want to follow him? Good things happen around this guy.”
  • LIVE IN THE PRESENT, ONE DAY, ONE GAME AT A TIME: This is how he won a Stanley cup right after a rewarding victory earning a gold medal in the Olympics. It has been said that athletes can get pretty “full” after a huge accomplishment but not Toews, he remains “hungry” day after day, year after year stemming from his ability to live in the moment. Not only the first cup, but he and the Blackhawks would go on to winning another Stanley Cup 3 years later and another gold medal the following year. This Beast does not know or believe for that matter that tomorrow even exists!

Toews success story

“You know what? You’ve just got to go out there and try to control the things you can control, deal with things and stay mentally strong.”


Little Known Success Fact:

The Jonathan Toews momentum train began as he scored his first NHL goal on his first shot in his first game. He then recorded the second longest point scoring streak to start an NHL career earning a point for 10 games straight. Remember:  Be resilient and work damn hard at your talents and good things will come your way. Check out this video to see how his confidence began at such an early age,





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