25 Most Inspiring Tory Lanez Quotes

Tory Lanez is one of the hottest rappers around coming from the Toronto hip hop scene and he’s got his mind made up on going all the way. His lyrics, flow and sound make him an eccentric rapper with a thrifty spirit.

Tory Lanez was the youngest of 6 siblings and was super close to his mother who died when he was only 11. His father, who was a musician himself later became a preacher, and was the one who taught him much about life and wisdom.

He became fascinated with music as he began experimenting and creating his own fresh genre. He’s always been a very self-expressing individual who is specific about his preferences and the way he does his thing. In this list of Tory Lanez quotes, you will get an inside peak at the creative artist who got fired from Denny’s and promised himself he would not work for anyone again. He stood behind his declaration…“I can see why, I can be why the reason you ni**as hate. I’m a grinder, that’s just a reminder.” 


1.) On Not Caring What Others Think:

“But I’m used to people telling me I sound like whoever they want to tell me I sound like. You know, in general, I think some of the rap game sounds like me to be honest with you.” – Tory Lanez

2.) Real And Relatable:

“I just thought it was serious, and I wanted to share that light with people and bring them back to the times where I didn’t have things. And I’m going to continue to do that. It’s about relating to people, and people being able to relate to your story. I just wanted to give them all me.” – Tory Lanez

3.) A Tory Lanez Quote About His Disbelieving Teacher:

“Ms. Thomas was a teacher that told me I wouldn’t make it, and she told me this other girl in the classroom, would sign my cheques…. well thank you Ms. Thomas for that for giving me the motivation to do what I wanted to do.” – Tory Lanez

4.) Big Ambitions:

“My goals are set different. I want to be the biggest artist in the world. I’m gonna be the biggest artist in the world.” – Tory Lanez

5.) Versatility:

“I direct all my videos. It’s the same thing. I will never take credit (away) from people, or I don’t ever really take that much credit when I do something too. Because sometimes, I just want the other person to get that. You know, I’m not hungry for (attention), but at the same time, I do direct–” – Tory Lanez

6.) A New Sound:

“I fathered this whole wave. There’s a certain sound. There’s a certain grid and a certain realness that I’ve seen. There are certain things that I’ll say… I always keep it blunt, whether or not it’s in the music or out of the music.” – Tory Lanez

7.) On His Concerts:

“I have the best live show of all time.” – Tory Lanez

8.) Never Settling For Mediocrity:

“Nobody wakes up and is the biggest and my journey is to be the biggest and not settle for mediocrity.” – Tory Lanez

9.) A True Perfectionist:

“Directing, making the whole storyline, acting, directing photography, the way everything is staged in the shot, the way the lighting looks, that’s me. I’m behind the scenes on all that stuff. I just put that work in.” – Tory Lanez

10.) Travelled Influences:

“I think just being in different areas, you get the influence from everywhere you grow up and everywhere that you see the cultures in. I see cultures in Canada, I see the culture in Miami, I see the culture in Atlanta and I go to New York, I go to Texas, I’ve lived in all these places, so I’ve gathered things. It’s just things that you take from everywhere, and they help to mold you with not only your music, but who you are as a person. And who I am as a person reflects in my music.” – Tory Lanez

11.) On Being Uniquely Himself:

“I sound like me. Point, blank, period. That’s the answer to both questions. I sound like me. People are always going to compare this, compare that.” – Tory Lanez

12.) On His Mother:

“No, it wasn’t really emotional. It was more reminiscing on what she told me and just staying strong and triumphant through bad times. It’s just real things man. That was back when like I said, “My mama always told me I would have the hits. She wasn’t alive to see me have a hit. Had to make decisions, go and hit the road. That was back when Keisha nearly had a kid.” It was just a very strong record, but it wasn’t emotional. I was more happy to do it.” – Tory Lanez

13.) On Other People Losing Hope In Him:

“Then me falling down and seeing these people not really give a f**k, and you know that’s just life. You think some people are whatever the case is, and then you find out that they’re not. That’s why to me, it’s just like inevitably, when you’re hot, they’re gonna be there, they’re gonna be around. They’re gonna be in your face. But with me, I’m just cool, I’m good, I know who I am, and I know who was with me when I wasn’t shit, and I don’t change like most people. I just show love, that’s it.” – Tory Lanez

14.) No Boundaries Whatsoever:

“You just need to believe that you’re a citizen, and that you’re a person that has no borders to anything you choose to do. The spiel of it is, that you’re a person that no matter what you put your head to, you could fuse all the things you like, you could take all those things, and you could be different. Be you, be yourself with it, with no boundaries or borders that stop you from doing what you do.” – Tory Lanez

15.) Thanking His Last Boss:

“Thank you Steve from Denny’s as a matter of fact, because you fired me when i was sleeping on the job, and I later left and that was the last job, you were the last boss that I had and you were the one person that made me say to myself ‘I’m never going to clock in and clock out of a job.'” Thank you Steve from Denny’s as a matter of fact, because you fired me when i was sleeping on the job, and I later left and that was the last job, you were the last boss that I had and you were the one person that made me say to myself ‘I’m never going to clock in and clock out of a job.'” – Tory Lanez

16.) Being Forced To Be An Adult:

“As the youngest, I just had a sincere love for my mom. You know how when you’re the youngest, your mom always kinda feel like “that’s my baby.” I feel like I got a little extra love. When I was coming up, I depended on my mom. Then when she died when I was 11, the whole youngest thing kinda left me. I had to start making older kid decisions.” – Tory Lanez

17.) On His Grind:

“I think people don’t understand how much I really put into the production that you guys hear. I’m just a very generous person, so a lot of the time even if (another producer) were to ever bring an idea to the table and ask me to change it all completely around to the point where it sounds nothing like it (did before), I’ll still give that person credit for that (ahead of myself).” – Tory Lanez

18.) A Tory Lanez Quote About Being The Underdog:

“It’s weird because, in most hometowns, they’ll support you before you go out there. But in Canada, it was different. They supported me because I was the underdog.” – Tory Lanez

19.) Contributing To Others:

“It’s always a blessing to be able to write for other people or add to other people’s craft. Just giving them the extra penmanship when they may not have thought about that idea… or thought about something that I may have worked on. Even with production and stuff like that, I like to just contribute to people’s projects.” – Tory Lanez

20.) A Grateful Individual:

“I’m just happy right now because I’ve never seen just back to back to back to back sold out. Everywhere sold out. For me, it’s just like a blessing from God. I’m just thankful for that. I’m thankful God has put me in this position to able to talk to the kids. Every night just being able to give them what they want.” – Tory Lanez

21.) On Being An Innovator:

“At the end of the day, we all just here to make good music. As long as it sounds good, I have no problem being an innovator.” – Tory Lanez

22.) Huge Aspirations:

“Well I’ma tell you this. It’s over, for everybody. I need HipHopDX to understand this is a big thing. Whatever the headline is, Tory Lanez is saying “It’s over for everybody.” As soon as new music drops, nobody is gonna be on the same level, I know that for a fact. I personally feel like there’s nobody f**king with me. All these kids out here, rappers, singers, all your favorite artists, they’re all going to have to take the number two right now. If you’re in the number one spot, you gotta slide over to number two. I’m completely confident. I’m completely ready. I’m in the best shape of my life. I just feel like no one can stop me. At the end of the day, I haven’t even begin to even get to anything that’s remotely close to what they call a peak. I’m just getting warmed up. My warm up game is about kill everybody in the championship round. It’s that serious. ” – Tory Lanez

23.) On NOT Dissing Drake:

“I’m getting money over here. I’m good. I’m young. I’m finally in a position to feed my family. Please don’t take that away from me. All I wanna do is rap. I’m a f—— Drake fan. Drake could diss me 20,000 times, and I would never diss him.” – Tory Lanez

24.) Mistake Are Inevitable:

“Yo, I need ya’ll to know, I’m coming for the game, the biggest artist in the world. Everybody on DX, some of ya’ll probably gonna hate, some ya’ll probably not gonna like me, but it’s ok. I’m used to not being liked.” – Tory Lanez

25.) On The Meek Mill And Drake Beef:

“Honestly to me personally, I look at it and just say they’re both talented artists. They’re both incredible. I wouldn’t really give it to anybody. They both gonna still be who they are. I’d be wrong if I say this person won or that person won.” – Tory Lanez

Bonus Tory Lanez Quote:

“You know, my dad was a very famous dancer in his time actually, before he started preaching. He was an entertainer as well, so my dad kind of understands that God has a certain purpose for me in my life. And even though I might be in this world right now, he knows that it’s all going to go together for the good and grace of God. He’s never ever been in one of those situations where he just felt like “No you shouldn’t do that.” He always challenged me to be better and supported me. And a couple of times, we’ve been split from each other because I was just very rebellious and I had to take some time to myself. But basically, in those times he always stayed in contact with me and always gave me wisdom, and understanding and knowledge, and stuff like that. I mean it influenced me in a good way, and it helps me even while I’m in the industry–just how to deal with people, how to talk to people, treat people with respect and be humble.” – Tory Lanez

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