20 Most Inspiring Kyrie Irving Quotes Ever

The Australian born Kyrie Irving was destined for big aspirations, and his father did everything he could to give him the best opportunity. His mother died when he was only 4 and his father raised Kyrie with the help of his aunts. His father played amateur basketball and he went to watch him often. Kyrie discovered his passion when he was in the fourth grade and boldly declared “I will play in the NBA, I promise.” Surely he did, in fact, he was drafted first overall in the NBA by the Cavaliers. This is the greatest list of Kyrie Irving quotes that serve to inspire and motivate anyone aiming to anchor a vision or dream into their reality.


1.) A Kyrie Irving Quote About Earning Success:

“Everything is earned, not given.” – Kyrie Irving

2.) Love What You Do And You Won’t Really Be Working:

“No alarm clock needed, my passion wakes me up.” – Kyrie Irving

3.) Basketball Is Art:

“Basketball isn’t a game; It’s an art form. You master the fundamentals so you can forget ’em, so you can improvise and just concentrate on what really matters: getting buckets.” – Kyrie Irving

4.) The Grind Is Necessary:

“Work hard, stay focused and understand that nothing worth achieving comes easy.” – Kyrie Irving

5.) Don’t Limit Yourself:

“In 8th grade I was semi tall, had slow feet, was barely touching the backboard.. but still got buckets!” – Kyrie Irving

6.) Don’t Get In Your Own Way:

“Nobody is gonna stop you from being you, but yourself.” – Kyrie Irving

7.) Attracting The Championship:

“My eventual goal is to win a championship. And before I retire, I just want to win a championship. That’s it.” – Kyrie Irving

8.) On Giving Input:

“I’m going to give input when I need to. When it needs to be said.” – Kyrie Irving

9.) A Kyrie Irving Quote About His Father:

“I can’t even give my father a proper gift. Every single Father’s Day means so much to me. I’m so close to him. He’s my big brother, but also my father.” – Kyrie Irving

10.) Do You, Your Way:

“Growing up, I was a typical high school kid when YouTube first came out, and I was just watching a whole lot of videos of guys in the league I’m playing with now, guys that aren’t in the league, and guys that came before me, just watching the moves that they do, and going out in my backyard and trying them. I did it almost every single day. And I didn’t do any crazy dribbling drills or any two-ball dribbling drills. I’m really not good at two-ball dribbling. Nah, never did that. I just went out and tried the moves that I saw.” – Kyrie Irving

11.) Only YOU Have To Believe In Your Dream:

“I always dreamt of being a basketball player. A dream that only I believed in.” – Kyrie Irving

12.) Be Fearless For Greatness:

“Unleash everything you have and never look back. Never be afraid to be the best.” – Kyrie Irving

13.) Passion Over Everything:

“I love the gym; I love basketball. I’m really passionate about it.” – Kyrie Irving

14.) Performing At The Highest Level:

“I’m in Cleveland. I enjoy myself. I enjoy going out and competing at highest level for the Cleveland Cavaliers.” – Kyrie Irving

15.) Respect:

“The only thing I command is respect.” – Kyrie Irving

16.) Nothing Will Ever Be Perfect, Brace Yourself:

“Going in, you want to play a perfect season and play throughout the whole entire season, but injuries are a part of basketball.” – Kyrie Irving

17.) His Preparation:

“I’ve worked countless hours in the gym, so I feel like I’m already prepared for the game. So when I’m listening to music pregame, it’s really just about personal enjoyment.” – Kyrie Irving

18.) A Kyrie Irving Quote About Competition:

“I’m probably one of the most competitive people ever.” – Kyrie Irving

19.) On Leadership:

“One thing that somebody told me is that leadership is a lonely role – some people can do it, and some people can’t.” – Kyrie Irving

20.) Welcome Challenges:

“Embrace the challenge; never run from it. Don’t ever let anyone’s thoughts or opinions affect your drive to be great.” – Kyrie Irving

Bonus Kyrie Irving Quote:

“My focus is basketball, and that’s it.” – Kyrie Irving

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