18 Inspiring Kid Ink Quotes

Kid Ink, who gets his name from being tattooed from head to toe, made his break through as a producer back in 2010 as he was building strong relationships with the likes of P.Diddy and Sean Kingston. The Kid was grinding as a producer since 16 as he perfected his creative style. The experience in the studio gave him the inner confidence to put himself out there as a rapper.  Here are 18 of Kid Ink’s most inspiring lyrics and quotes about being positive, staying true to himself and ignoring the doubters.



“You gotta f**k up before you get shit right.”- Kid Ink


“Forget the risk and take the fall. If it’s what you want then it’s worth the fall.” – Kid Ink


“I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I’ve wasted on the wrong people.” – Kid Ink


“Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring the negative. being positive means overcoming the negative.” – Kid Ink


“Really ain’t one to boast, but I’m doing better than most.” – Kid Ink


“Don’t be distracted by doubters.” – Kid Ink


“To be comfortable in your skin was the biggest topic for me because I’m somebody who’s always judged just by how I look. I wanted to get the message across that you don’t have to hide yourself or be glamorous, just be you.” – Kid Ink


“I try to be true to myself yet still at the same time look at comments and look at what the fans have to say and kind of put it in perspective. I’m never someone whose not open for opinion, I’m always just down to make it work and see how we can do things but at the end of the day I always want to make sure it represents me. It’s really about just being humble and not selling yourself on being there already.” – Kid Ink


“I want to reach as many people as possible, while staying true to myself.” – Kid Ink


“I’m always thinking of ideas and sounds. I am waiting on something new and dope to inspire me.” – Kid Ink


“I feel like when you’re an artist and you first come out – people don’t want you to be as creative as you could possibly be as a musician. More so they really want you to stick to something.” – Kid Ink


“I still let myself be a fan of music and that motivates me to want to be better than certain people or just getting the same love. Nothing is new under the sun so you cant be afraid to take things from others and try to flip them and make them your own at the end of the day.” – Kid Ink


“I swear I walk with god, but the devil keeps following.” – Kid Ink


“I feel so blessed to be in this position, but it all starts with the music one-hundred percent. That won’t change.” – Kid Ink


“All about my money, you can see it in my money, you can see it in my clothes. Cause everything goes, every chain gold. I dun paid my way down this yellow brick road.” – Kid Ink


“Never gave a f**k, probably never will.” – Kid Ink


“The potential is unlimited.” – Kid Ink


“I don’t know about you but I’m living in the moment. You can hate if you want, but I’ma keep it rolling.” – Kid Ink

Bonus Kid Ink Quote:

“I don’t wear a tie, but they say I live a boss life.” – Kid Ink

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