The 10 MOST Inspiring Sofia Vergara Quotes

Sofia Vergara is one of today’s highest paid Hollywood stars, but nothing came easy. In fact, she has endured through her fair share of challenges and has a strong threshold to get back up after every fall. She’s been diagnosed with cancer, her brother was murdered and she was married, divorced and a single mother by age 18. But thanks to her fighter spirit, she bounced back up each and every time something knocked her down.

Sofia Vergara has always remained true to herself and does not try to be something she’s not, everything from her authentic Colombian accent to her free flowing spirit. Here are the 10 greatest quotes by Sofia Vergara that remind us to be aligned with our inner selves, to think big and be fearless in the face of opposition.


1.) A Sofia Vergara Quote About Confidence:

“Confident people have a way of carrying themselves that makes others more attracted to them.” – Sofia Vergara

2.) A Sofia Vergara Quote About Fearlessness:

“I’m fearless, I don’t complain. Even when horrible things happen to me, I go on.” – Sofia Vergara

3.) A Sofia Vergara Quote About Self Worthiness:

“So I am taking advantage while I can, to make money like I can now, because why not? It’s part of my job, doing what I like.– Sofia Vergara

4.) A Sofia Vergara Quote About Feeling Beautiful:

“Beauty is really all about confidence. If you feel beautiful, then you are beautiful.” – Sofia Vergara

5.) A Sofia Vergara Quote About Letting Things Go:

“I can turn around and scream and get angry, but I turn around and I forget about it.” – Sophia Vergara

6.) A Sofia Vergara Quote About Being Stereotyped:

“I think I’m going to be stereotyped my whole forever, but I’m not afraid of being stereotyped.” – Sofia Vergara

7.) A Sofia Vergara Quote About Taking Risks:

“The only way to gain something is to take a risk at something.” – Sofia Vergara

8.) A Sofia Vergara Quote About Self-Expression:

“I have always believed self-expression is essential to happiness. I’ve seen how hard nurses work, and I wanted to give them an opportunity to proudly embrace their feminine side, their funny side, or their sassy side, while still being professional. I think it’s all about being authentic in a compassionate and inspiring way.” – Sofia Vergara

9.) A Sofia Vergara Quote About Her Courage:

“Listen, I’m not afraid of anything. I’m Colombian.” – Sofia Vergara

10.) A Sophia Vergara Quote About Handling Criticism:

“Never take no personally. Sometimes people tell you no for a reason that has nothing to do with you. You must keep going.” – Sofia Vergara

Bonus Sofia Vergara Quote:

“When you do certain roles, you regularly draw inspiration from other people.” – Sophia Vergara

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