The 10 MOST Inspiring Kevin Spacey Quotes

Kevin Spacey is a secretive and mysterious actor who stays away from the limelight and does not expose himself publicly. He prefers to remain unknown verse being famous and claims the less people know about him the easier it is to be different characters in films. However, he is quite well known, and his enigmatic acting abilities put him on the top end of the list. Spacey is well received by his audiences who appreciate his ability to not care much about what other people think of him. He enjoys doing what he wants, when he wants and says what he feels. In fact, he claims his acting days are coming to the near end because he finds more purpose outside of himself, which is to guide others. This is why we created a list of the most inspiring Kevin Spacey quotes which will shake up your universe to find your true real inner desires.



“I feel it’s a responsibility for anyone who breaks through a certain ceiling… to send the elevator back down and give others a helpful lift.” – Kevin Spacey


“There is no prize, out there. The only prize is, this one, and what you feel and what you want to accomplish. And if you can, as you start out, these what could be lean years or could be fat years. I feel that I very often watch a lot of young people sort of meander around without any idea about why they’re doing what they’re doing. I mean to want and to be ambitious and to want to be successful, is not enough. That’s just desire. To know what you want, to understand why you’re doing it, to dedicate every breath in your body to achieve… If you feel you have something to give, if you feel that your particular talent is worth developing, is worth caring for then there’s nothing you can’t achieve.” – Kevin Spacey


“I think you need the failures to get the success. You learn more from that.– Kevin Spacey


“What was I going to spend the rest of my life doing? Trying to top myself? Trying to stay hot, trying to make sure I was in the right movies? I don’t give a s**t. I’m trying to do something with my success which is bigger than myself. I’m no longer interested in my personal career. I am interested in the impact I can have on a lot of other people’s careers and on audiences.” – Kevin Spacey


“I’m used to people thinking I’m nuts. And you know what? I kind of love it.” – Kevin Spacey


“Fortunately for me, I don’t come from the school where you only measure success by how much money something makes or whether it has a big box-office weekend. I measure it by how much people actually participate in the process.” – Kevin Spacey


“Sometimes the person who is the most logical is the person whom we call insane.” – Kevin Spacey


“People have different reasons for the way they live their lives. You cannot put everyone’s reasons in the same box” – Kevin Spacey


“If you only look at a person through one lens, or only believe what you’re told, you can often miss the truth that is staring you in the face. It’s so easy for us to misperceive and see the things in others that we want to see. And, when we’re wrong, and often we’re dead wrong, we miss the truth.” – Kevin Spacey


“I suppose the most important thing is to stay interested. It’s very easy in life if you get to a place where you’re successful to hit the same groove on the record player over and over again because it’s safe.” – Kevin Spacey

Bonus Kevin Spacey Quote:

“You have to always be ready, always be alive, and always be willing to move in a new direction.”Kevin Spacey

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