The Top 10 Most Inspiring Angelina Jolie Quotes

Angelina Jolie is an actress, director and humanitarian who has put herself second to her life’s purpose. Her life goal is bringing change and compassion to humanity and these Angelina Jolie quotes certainly reflect that. She has grown tremendously over the years from a pretty face on the silver screens to someone devoted to changing the world around her and most importantly into a true role model.

Although Angelina Jolie was born within a Hollywood family, her life was not an easy ride. In fact, she was extremely insecure in her teens as she experimented with drugs and was in a very dark place. However, experimenting with knives and understanding death was her way of realizing she had so much she had to live for and being fearless was absolutely necessary.

Angelina is an excellent example of what it looks like when someone conquers their own inner demons to become liberated and then impacts others in the process. This is the ultimate list of Angelina Jolie quotes that will spark your desire to become truly free from within while finding purpose for a fulfilling life.



“There’s something about death that is comforting. The thought that you could die tomorrow frees you to appreciate your life now.Angelina Jolie


“The truth is I love being alive. And I love feeling free. So if I can’t have those things then I feel like a caged animal and I’d rather not be in a cage. I’d rather be dead. And it’s real simple. And I think it’s not that uncommon.” – Angelina Jolie


“It’s hard to be clear about who you are when you are carrying around a bunch of baggage from the past. I’ve learned to let go and move more quickly into the next place.” Angelina Jolie


“Make bold choices and make mistakes. It’s all those things that add up to the person you become.” – Angelina Jolie


“If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I’m not frightened by anyone’s perception of me.” – Angelina Jolie


“If every choice you make comes from an honest place, you’re solid, and nothing anybody can say about you can rock you or change your opinion.” – Angelina Jolie


“If you ask people what they’ve always wanted to do, most people haven’t done it. That breaks my heart.” – Angelina Jolie


“When I get logical, and I don’t trust my instincts – that’s when I get in trouble.” Angelina Jolie


“To be in any way a positive contribution, that’s all anybody wants to be. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to be. I wanted to be an artist, be a mother. You want to feel that in your life you’ve been of use, in whatever way that comes out.” – Angelina Jolie


“We have a choice about how we take what happens to us in our life and whether or not we allow it to turn us. We can become consumed by hate and darkness, or we’re able to regain our humanity somehow, or come to terms with things and learn something about ourselves.” – Angelina Jolie

Bonus Angelina Jolie Quote:

“I have so much in my life. I want to be of value to the world.” – Angelina Jolie

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