Adversity Is Like A Card Game

Cards & Adversity

Whatever game of cards you play, no matter which game, the rule of thumb is always the same: Its not about the cards you’re dealt, it’s about what you do with those cards that will decide how you finish the game. Adversity is all in overcoming the obstacle and finishing strong!


Bad Cards or Obstacles In Life Are No Excuse to Lose The Game.

Metaphorically speaking, life works in the exact same manner as a card game. So whatever situation or obstacles come your way, do not quit or give up. Don’t let it stop you from succeeding. You need to stay focused on the direction in which you are heading. When you receive the bad cards in whichever game, do you fret upon them? Unfortunately this is often the time when people begin to fall and give up because they begin to feel discouraged. In life, they will often allow their problems to bring them down and use their obstacles as an excuse to no longer carry on. In other words, the only thing that allowed you to fall or give up is not the obstacles themselves but rather your attitude of them. Consequently, you lost the game already in your mind, and slowly you will no longer be able to win the game in the end.


Fuel Your Success When You’re Hit With The Worst

Conversely, others rise to the occasion when dealing with difficulties and begin to soar to new heights that have never been reached before. Some of these people go down in history as some of the most successful people to ever walk the earth. The game of life is all about overcoming obstacles, finding the solutions to the problems or challenges and being victorious in the end. Likewise find the right cards and place them at the right time. Don’t worry or fear about being given difficult challenges or cards to play with because chances are, you will learn how to play them as you go along. Victory and fulfillment never feel better than when you have the odds against you as apposed to when it’s all in your favor. Drive, determination and motivation are just some of the feelings that are often gained dramatically as you feel yourself pushed against the wall.
When playing a game of poker, many times the person with the worst cards ends up taking the pot. Why, you ask? Because that person is confident in who they are, they have a strong belief in winning regardless of the cards making any kind of a difference in the game. And more often than not, when the hot streak comes and they begin to play more fearlessly. When anyone does this, they will not only get to have more fun, but they will end up winning many rounds, if not, the game. In fact, others playing begin to lose their confidence, begin to fear losing, and ultimately lose faith in themselves and their cards. Just like life, it’s important to always remain confident, fearless and have a strong faith in oneself. Its most certainly not about the actual cards but rather the mind or perspective on the cards.


It’s About How Hard You Can Get Hit & Keep Moving Forward, That’s How Winning is Done!

Sometimes life hits people very hard, but like Sylvester Stallone said in the “Rocky” movie “Its not about hard you can hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward… that’s how winning is done!” He understood this principle very well. Succeeding and growing from these tests of strength and determination are the great lessons of life. Sometimes do you ever notice how the game of life or cards can often become boring when winning is too easy as drive and motivation slowly wear off? This is usually because you have no real sense of accomplishment. So instead of complaining, try and appreciate the challenge, understand that it will make the victory that much more exciting and certainly more fulfilling when all is said and done.

So remember that it’s simple: life is like any card game. Don’t worry or fear about what you’ve been dealt with, play the game and overcome your obstacles and challenges, because it’s all about how you finish in the end. Having negative situations come into your life, can actually be a blessing because it may just be what you need to motivate and drive you to your dreams.


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