The 10 Most Inspiring August Alsina Quotes

August Alsina is an R&B hip hop artist who was inspired by Lauryn Hill. With a very rough upbringing full of drugs, poverty and escaping death, he is a very grateful and humble musician. Unfortunately, August Alsina faces a new challenge with losing his eye sight, but still remains optimistic with the cards he’s been dealt saying “I know that all of that has got to be for a reason. All this crazy shit didn’t happen to me just to happen.” This is the top 10 most inspiring August Alsina quotes that give you perspective and wisdom about the success and struggles of life.


“Take good care of yourself. Your life can be gone in a split second.August Alsina


“I don’t always do what I should but I do what I gotta do.” – August Alsina

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“Sometimes, you don’t realize what you have until you wake up and go ‘Damn.’” – August Alsina


“Now I’m out here tryna get it, really out here tryna get it.” – August Alsina

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“Ask me why I do it? I’ma put it like this. God damn it. I love it.” – August Alsina


“Cause I knew one day that life would get better. Finally made a way so now it’s all better.” – August Alsina

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“How I came up is deeply rooted into my music,” says Alsina. “Because I come from shit. I come from nothing.” – August Alsina


“I broke a couple rules, ain’t graduate from school ’cause I was busy hustling man, I thought that shit was cool.” – August Alsina

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“Do It For The People Who Want To See You Fail.” – August Alsina


“Love yourself… and learn to love this thing called life.” – August Alsina

Bonus August Alsina Quote:

“Nobody saw the struggle they just see the reward. They focused on the peace but they never saw the war.” – August Alsina

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