Big Sean: Reality (Law of Attraction)

“Damn near everything we can think, is real, and if it’s not we can create it. See that’s the gift we were given, to evolve, advance, create. I create my own world I can make any situation a reality I think everyone knows it’s possible to be successful, I mean, we got TV’s, we know it’s possible to be lawyers, doctors, artists, musicians, whatever. But just cause we know it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s real. It’s not real ’til you see it happen until it happens to you or one of your homie’s or your family or whatever. Imagine you had everything you wanted, everything. Imagine you were everything you wanted to be, capture that feeling, that’s the easiest way to manifest what you want. That’s all God wants to see us happy. It’s the Law of Attraction I’m always talkin’ about, shit, look it up. I read a couple books on it, but it changed my life. Even in highschool teachers will always tell me to snap out of it an snap back to reality, but I was in reality it was as real as it could be, it just wasn’t there yet, it just wasn’t that day. I got the car I was always dreamin’ about, I bought my momma a crib I always wanted to buy her. I do what I want, get money, whatever. I perform with my heroes, live a crazy ass life. I’m still learning though, I’ll be stressed out, things don’t always go the way I intend them to, not even half the time, but that’s just the mystery of life, you gotta trust, trust in the end result. Trust that it’ll always be the best for you at that time.If you want a pair of shoes and they’re at the story, they’re really at the store, you just don’t have it yet, it ain’t like that shit don’t exist, it’s just really at the store. That’s how I looked at my whole life. If I want it, if I believe I can have it, then that’s my reality, I’ll attract it, it’ll attract to me. We can make any situation we think about real. Fuck lettin’ life pass you by, enjoy the journey, enjoy the journey of makin’ all your dreams and goals a reality, cuz the journey makes you who you are. I create my own world, I can make any situation my reality.” Big Sean

***Sources tell us Big Sean credits “Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther Hicks for his success***


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